Where is Popp???

He is the Gm, we are looking hard at a new coach and he is nowhere to be found…is he pouting, and if so, bye bye…Jones leaving is a sign that things are not well in Al land…by ignoring the fans, not speaking he is in a sense 9or it seems)blaming us and the press for his “demotion”

Popp is not involved in the hiring of the new coaching staff. Larry Smith is doing it, with Wetenhall's input and apparently some advice from Don Matthews.

They have basically stripped Popp of all responsibilities except for finding and signing talent. I don't even think the new head coach will report to him.

Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors, I don't post much, but he really hit a nerve with me this year and he, as the gm, is not dealing with this properly, and by Larry Smith handling communication is giving the impreesion that Popp is angry and an angry gm is not one I would want looking to replace himself...

Wow, sorry, I did not know that...that is huge!!! So why not name him personnel manager instead of gm....don't mean to rip on him but he kind of asks for it, but I am sure he works damn hard and has good intentions...

As long as he goes back to being the great GM he always was until he convinced himself he was coaching material, I'll be fine with it, no matter how much or how little he speaks publicly. Go out and get us some new O-linemen, new receivers and some solid pass-rushing Defensive Ends, and all will be forgiven. :smiley:

He's baiscally sulking around and the fact that he wont appear at any press confrence anymore speaks volumes about how he feels about this. Its kinda annoying everyone is waiting to get their shots in because we all saw how terrible he was doing as a coach and he's busy hiding in a cave

I really did not mean this as a 'bash Popp' thread, but I really did not like his 'flamboyant' style, while people in the city are struggling like everyone else, and the fact that he never once took the blame for anything...as a gm, vp etc,. when things did not work and he blamed every one else, in my opinion, he was questioning our intelligence! Bye bye goldie locks!

Where do you expect him to be?
The season is over, there is nothing for him to be doing that would put him in the media right now.
Do you expect him to call a press conference to keep us up to date on his personal life?

You start by saying you don't mean to bash him and you end by bashing his appearance.....

Its not that people want to see more of him its that he hasnt shown up to the few press confrences the team has had that a GM would normally go to such as the announcment of Dejardins returning as assisstant GM or he couldve been at the confrence to step down from coaching with dignity. It was annoying that he pinned any problem on any scapegoat he could find and then when it is time for him to take his lumps he is nowhere to be seen

I will give you the first one but I dont agree with the second. He didnt step down as coach, he was fired. You never see the person being fired at the announcement

When Darryl Sutter came in and fired Jim Playfair after one season as head coach of the Flames, I believe Playfair was at the press conference. And he is still with the Flames as an assistant. Popp knew the risks involved with becoming HC. I wasn't expecting him to jump for joy about being relieved of HC duties, but he should have been professional enough to attend the press conference or at least say something to the media.

This is probably an organisational decision. Hall told the media he was interviewed by Popp. So to make assumptions that he isn't involved like Zukowsky made or to say he's hidding in a cave is meaningless.

I can see the questions now.

Jim who is your candidate?

Jim how is it going to feel that the HC knows you've been fired?

Jim. Why didn't you attend your firing presser?

There is just no point. This team has enough challenges ahead that rehashing the past or letting peope take shots at Popp is not going to be helpful.

Obviously by re-reading my previous posts, I certainly 'am bashing' Popp, and I guess, like for most of us, last year was very frustrating, and I guess all I'm really trying to say is that when you come across as being 'openly' arrogent (very confident) as he puts it, you kinda set yourself up for some serious scrutiny. So when you don't deliver, as he did not, he left himself wide open. Now, as a man, I just wish he would suck it up, say his coaching adventure didn't work out (no explanation needed) and show openly that the Als are #1 to him, no matter what, and move on. Things just to be very uncertain right now....just hope Smith has a plan!

First Popp was working on a two year plan so since the rug was pulled halfway through. His claim is that he was working his plan. Smith admitted they were looking for a .500 season. Popp was off by two games and considering injuries and problems with the new offense...

Smith had a plan with five hiring criterias. You will soon see how respected he is through out the league :slight_smile: