Where is our middle linebacker? Hide and Zeke

Has anyone seen our middle linebaker today. He seems to be missing and action and only making tackles after running down field. This guy needs to be front and centre on the defense. He seems to be guessing where the play is going, and for the most part is wrong

Here he is:

[url=http://www1.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=27302]http://www1.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PN ... ic&t=27302[/url]

Haven't had one since Calvin Tiggle or Ben Zambiasi were there.

He seemed to take himself out of plays as often as the Stamps blocked him out. He doesn't look anything like the same guy as last year. As amazing as it sounds, if he continues to play this badly, I'd be looking to replace him.

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Will Armour Look Good in Middle..
We kept the wrong Linebacker..

Armour did nothing last night.

2 tackeles, that's it, and his pick was a total gift from Printers.

Did you see Armour's (attempted) hit on Pritners?

Pretty lame. Printers just stood up and kept going, the secoond defender had to tackle him properly. I thught Armour looked stupid on that play.

"Has anyone seen our middle linebaker today. He seems to be missing and action and only making tackles after running down field."
I've been asking this all 4 games this year.........he isn't displaying the player that he was last year, this year and it's concerning. Was he a 1 year wonder? :cowboy:

He just seems to be trying to do too much. TRying to make highlight reel flying tackles, etc...

Just play the game.

You guys are NUTS to be hitting on Zeke.
He is the one for sure keeper in that defence.
Did you watch the replay on one of the earlier rush TDs.
They broke it down.
The O-Lineman brushed 2 D-Lineman and went right to Zeke to key on him.
He has NO chance with such a useless group around him.
He does rely on some of his teammates to create some room for him.
This is a pathetic group of defensive players.
Zeke is still an awesome talent.
There are plenty of guys to pick on in regards to the defense.
How about the defensive ends that do not create a pass rush, Gordon who can not defend a receiver…lots of candidates.

I have often wondered at times what Moreno is up to but if you watch him closely the effort is there and as b&g notes above the opponents are keying on him to slow down his aggressive play.
Being one of the better players on a rebuilding team always attracts the opposition figuring that if you can take him out of the play then hopefully his team mates cannot perform properly.
Just as the opposition keys on Lumsden & Printers to distract & slow them down, they are doing the same with Moreno.
I think that when the rest of the defense settles in (meaning the players we have improve and gel or there are one or two replacements) we will see Zeke back to his normal routine.
Moreno seems to be in on a lot of tackles during the game but is being blocked hard at times by an opponent who shouldn't even get to him.

Hey Einstein, did you ever think that perhaps it's a lack of supporting cast that makes it more difficult for Zeke to be successful?? We DID break up one of the best LB corps in the CFL and left Zeke pretty much hanging in the wind on his own. He DOES try to do too much and has very little support.

What makes me laugh about this whole situation is that the players always say how great the fans in Hamilton are. What a joke!! They jump on and off the player bandwagon faster than a Leaf fan in December.

Sorry Tom, but we DID NOT keep the wrong LB. We should have kept both, but that was a decision made by his royal highness O'Billovich. It's really paid off, hasn't it??

Yet another reason for me to ask myself why I keep coming back to this site.

8) ahhhhh bg, truer words were never spoken by you !!!
 I share your sentiments wholeheartedly.

If the defensive line cannot penetrate on a regular basis and they are a turnstile against the run, your MLB is going to be exposed. That's the way it is, folks. See Ray Lewis with the Ravens once Tony Siragusa left the fold. Lewis is still a great MLB, but one's play suffers if the line in front isn't getting the job done. That applies to ALL great MLBs. It the difference in tackling around the line of scrimmage and that of trying to tackle 6 yard downfield on roller skates!...

Oski Wee Wee,

BG, you'd miss us. :roll:

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Zeke is not super man and the whole team has to play too! Comeon!

Come on....Let`s not hang Zeke out to dry.

I for one, will not participate in any, cut Zeke threads. Sure, he hasnt played his best football but he is one of our best players. Once they can light a fire in our defense, this guy will shine. He doesnt have any support right now. The defense in general is really flat. Who knows maybe Coe can be that man for support.

Zeke has still got it, guys!!

Until last night's revamped front four, I thought we were doing not to bad stuffing the run. But man, I agree with everyone else, no pass rush. If we can't get a rush with 4, how do we expect to with a 3-4 system? Until someone steps up, everyone will double team McKay.

Hide and Zeke that is a good line buddy :lol: he must be hiding out with our terrible pass rush over rated super man #9 :thdn: