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Some people are slower than others to wake up to reality.
TKing... Please refer to threads related to games 1-13. :slight_smile:

Our defense is out there. They are the ones that drop the easy interceptions!

Notice how skillfully Ham made Joesph look like Paton Manning, playing well off receivers, leaving receivers wide open, ext. reminds one of WWF. :cowboy:

The Ti-Cats are stuck with the talent on defense that they could afford to sign once most of the salary cap dollars had been spent on the offense during the off season.

Many scoffed at Barker taking on Ricky Ray's $400,000+ contract but the Ti-Cats probably spend (considerably) more in salaries for their starting quarterback, starting receivers and feature running back as a group than the Argos spend.

With all due respect, for this statement to be backed up, we'd need to know the existing cap space, and what defensive talent was available to be had with that cap space.

Offenses are fun to watch.......but defenses win games. Until our defense becomes a formidable force, we are destined to be entertained only!

The point is I believe the team spent the majority of the salary cap budget on the offense and had little or no salary space available to upgrade the defense where and when required. Do you disgaree?

I believe we have one of the most talented defences in the league,the problem is the defencesive schemes they are running,which comes down to our coaching,our D.C. is terrable.....Yes we had three interceptions last nite that were dropped but thats why these guys are on defence not offence.

Ok, I'm just wondering why you believe that?

Do you disasree?
I have no idea, and that's cuz I have absolutely no idea what most of the players make, how much cap space was available in the off season, how much cap space is available now, and which defensive players were attainable during the off season, and what kind of money they were looking for.

I , too believe that we have one of the most talented defences in the league. However, in an eight team league, we are ranked eighth. Thank God there aren't 20 teams in the league. Could you imagine how bad we would be then? To state it simply, we don't have the talent that other teams have. Schemes don't mean a thing if you can't beat the guy in front of you. When Greg Peach is your big defensive signing of the offseason, you got problems! Sometimes great coaching can mask defensive deficiencies. Well, we don't have that either.

While watching the debacle in Edmonton, a strange calm came over me but I knew that TiCat nation was angry that night, my friends. Yes, angry like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli. With apologies to George Costanza, I'm going to try to maintain that calm for the rest of the regular season. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy holding the Titleist)

Serenity now!

(ok, I know that was his father, but lol)

Kevin Eiben starts at linebacker tonight against the Lions. It's going to be a long night! If he makes a tackle, I'll be dancing in the stands. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Switching to the other side, what do you think of tonight's OLine? Can Husband & Baillargeon handle their assignments? Andrew Harris will be coming hard at them.

Pat Lynch . Hard to believe Eiben gets the start when you have, Nathan Kanya, Yannick Carter, Louie Richardson and Patrick Jean-Mary at your disposal. What does this say about our Non-Import back up talent? I will be watching Kevin from the stands as well and I hope he proves me wrong and takes care of Andrew Harris and company.

So what you're saying is that Andrew Harris will rush for so many yards tonight that his carries will bleed over to the defensive side of the ball?

Where is our defence?

Injured List

  • 2 Smith, Bo DB Import 6.00 190 1983-09-12 Weber State
  • 14 Graham, Nick DB Import 5.10 191 1984-01-19 Tulsa
  • 25 Knowlton, Markeith LB Import 6.00 205 1983-04-06 North Texas
  • 28 Johnson, Jamall LB Import 6.01 222 1982-10-12 Northwestern State
  • 40 Joseph, Alex LB Import 6.02 240 1988-07-06 Temple
  • 41 Hood, Jonathan LB Non-Import 6.00 195 1985-12-23 Western
  • 67 Dyakowski, Peter OL Non-Import 6.05 325 1984-04-19 Louisiana State [/size]
  • 97 Davis, Bruce DE Import 6.03 250 1985-09-02 UCLA
  • 99 Davis, Torrey DL Import 6.03 298 1988-09-24 Jacksonville State

9-Game Injured List

  • 4 Thomas, Carlos DB Import 5.11 195 1987-05-01 South Carolina
  • 8 Mallett, Martell RB Import 6.00 195 1986-05-13 Arkansas-Pine Bluff
  • 21 Grant, Terry RB Import 5.09 190 1987-03-31 Alabama
  • 33 Bullock, Byron LB Import 6.00 212 1987-03-04 South Dakota
  • 36 Brown, Ike LB Import 5.11 223 1985-04-29 Central Michigan
  • 62 Hage, Marwan OL Non-Import 6.02 291 1981-09-14 Colorado
  • 98 Steele, Eddie DT Non-Import 6.02 273 1988-07-04 Manitoba

Sixteen players on the IRs, twelve of whom are from the defence. Of those twelve, at least six would be starting if they were healthy. Granted, our defence wasn't exactly stellar before these players were injured, but it was starting to show a glimmer of hope before the last few, and in particular the Davises, went down.

CFIO, don’t cloud the issue with facts. We are apparently the only team who aren’t allowed to use our injuries as an excuse.

My question wasn't directed at you.