Where is our biggest weakness?

Hey R&W 2005....Good comment, besides....Didn't BC win at Taylor field recently? Just askin!

dont kno.. but i do know that we have and can beat anyone... and that is all that matters to me

I would say the biggest weakness last season was the lack of a pass rush , which in turn made the db's look worse than they were. Get a good pass rush and the corners will look alot better . The season before the Lions had pretty good pressure with Ray Jacobs , but that disappeared along with Jacobs.

Hopefully that was successfully addressed this offseason with some of the new faces. I know some are complaining about some guys getting cut , but that is what Wally has to do in ordr to change things that were inadequite. Tugbenyo was released , while he started off good last year for the first half of the season , he had no production in the second half. If they had left in the same personel as last season we would have gotten the same results. We needed a new guy on the D-line . Hope we got the right ones this year.

I like the pass rush in the exhibition game against Calgary. It seemed they were keeping Burris moving back there alot. We'll see if it continues in the real season. Baron Miles was a good upgrade.

I think I'll add Offensive line to the list. Ouch! Did Dickenson take some hits on Saturday!

Personally Are weakness is the secondary, only because B.C. brought in this guy a couple years ago , I think his name is "WALLY BUONO". I've hated Buono ever since he joined the team, the only thing that's pushy me towards liking his style, is he has had some success with us. Cutting Eric Carter, Bo Lewis and Mawuko Tugbenyoh are the biggest mistakes in he's like. Eric Carter was The Leader "The Soul" to B.C.'S defense. Mawuko was probably going to turn into the Jason Taylor (Miami Dolphin) of the CFL. Bo Lewis was gotta be the best big play defender. Casey 4 Prez. Dave can't run, the offense of line needs help, but come on Dave doesn't help out by not being able to reconize the d-line of the opposition. Kinda funny how Dave is smaller and Casey is bigger but casey gets sacked less.

they both get sacked pleanty.... Casey played most of last year and we had 54 sacks against us. Our O-line is third rate and needs to be upgraded.

it is clearly our corners…they are letting everyone down and should have been cut a looooong time ago.

Does anyone know why we Wally lept defending Marsh from continuous attacks. I cant see any feasable reaso why this is happening, as he is the worst player out there. Any ideas?

Our punting game sucks! Duncan can kick field goals pretty good but punting long distances, please! If we need to count on him to kick us out of trouble in a big game we will be in trouble.

Offensive line is still a concern.

so is your front 4

The Leos secondary is NOT a weakness. Sam Young finished the season as one of the best corners in the league last year after a challenging start in his first couple of games as a rookie. Phillips is a talent who is only going to get better and Miles is a tremendous safety. I’m not totally sold on Dante Marsh either but he has continued to get better. I would have loved Sanchez to compliment Young but the price tag was very high and the Leos thought they needed to sign both Printers and Dickenson, a high price tag.

As for those of you wishing Eric Carter was playing again for the Leos Wally cut him because he was past him prime and expensive. Loyalty is great but cornerback is a young position. Carter had lost a step and was a smart db who was always a gambler. However his gambles were paying off less with his reduced speed and he was not a good tackler. He served the Leos well during his time and was a popular player but Wally’s decision was the right one.

The defensive back opposition teams have targeted this year is Mark Washington, who I think needs to play better. As for last year the Lions defensive backs were in a terrible position because the Leos had no consistent pass rush and rarely blitzed. Teams had all day sometimes to attack them in the airl That’s changing this year with improved personell and Ritchie’s defensive schemes.

The Leos biggest weakness this year is dealing with the blitz other teams are sending. It's not just an offensive line problem. The other problem is not taking sacks. I don't know whether to blame Chapdelaine or Dickenson but its a concern.

There are many ways to deal with oppostion team blitzes, whether the secondary goes man to man or the more popular zone blitzes of today. Quick slants and hitches, maximum protection and going deep, dump passes and screens and draws can help negate blitzes and hurt teams. It also helps to throw the ball away rather than take a sack. Each offensive passing play should have a safety valve for the quarterback to pass the ball to in order to avoid the sack.

Teams continue to blitz the Leos because they want to take away the talents of our recievers and provide them little time to get open. The Leos don't involve Green enough in their offence on first down. Screen passes and dump passes to Green and short passes to Warren in the flat would hurt rushing linebackers. Often Green is completely ignored by opposition defences and they don't account for him in pass coverage. On second down the Leos need to find innovative ways to get the ball to Geroy Simon and involve either Myers or Simmons, two speedsters in the offence early. Myers was never thrown to when he played and Simmons only saw a pass in the last three minutes aginst Hamilton and wasn't looking. The short side wide reciever position provides opportunites for the qb to get rid of the ball quickly on short posts and slants.

The Leos have tons of talent on offence and could be unstoppable. While the line is often taking the heat the Leos often use five or six reciever sets and teams send more people than the Lions can block. The key is to hurt them more often in these situations. Printers did last year because he escaped the blitz. With Dickenson as qb he needs to get the ball to the right person in order to avoid costly sacks. It's up to Chapdelaine and Dickenson to fix this problem and its very doable with a smart guy like Dickenson. Both Printers and Dickenson can read defences.....its now a matter of scheming and execution.