Where is our biggest weakness?

Even with Baron Miles, I'm still feeling uneasy about our secondary. Dante Marsh scares the H*ll out of me. I don't think he could cover my Grandmother. It would have been great to have Davis Sanchez here.

I feel good about the offense. I like the pass rush, and the Linebacking group. What does everyone else think? I the secondary the only area we need to upgrade? Is it our achilles heel?

If I were a BC fan, I'd still be concerned about the secondary.

In the playoffs Saskatchewan and Toronto couldn't run against BCs defense, but when Burris or Allen aired-out a pass, they defense got burned bad.

Even in Edmonton, Ed Hervey said he loves playing against BCs secondary because he can always get open against them.

Otherwise, BC will be really tough to beat again this year.

yeah our secondary was really bad, as we could see all last year, with Sam Young and Dante Marsh. Dante Marsh should have been cut during the season but I guess Wally didn't have or couldn't find someone better to replace him or Young. The addition of Barron Miles should help, but if the secondary has problems again this year like last year then Wally Buono should take the heat. He is the Coach and it is his responsibility to correct the problem. This is why we lost the Grey Cup because of our lousy secondary. One other point, I think Dante Marsh is the worst DB in the league. I recall, if I am correct, he was cut by Tampa Bay, I can see why now.

I think that they will not be as much of a concern this time around. they did bring in Miles which will help and they will have a different look on D now that Dave R. is running the Defence. This time around offence will not have as much time to set up which will help out them stay out of trouble.As for Mr Hervey he had a tough time with B.C Defence last year including the secondary.So I am not to sure why he would say that. More then likely he has had to many shots to the head over the year and can't think straight

I know Wally cut Eric Carter, But I'd take Carter over Marsh and Young any day!

I agree with your comment above, I just hope Wally cuts Marsh and Young in training camp or thereafter. If he keeps them around we will have the same problems again in the secondary. I hope the media gets on Wally’s case when those two screw up again.

Sure your secondary is still a little vulnerable, but Miles will make a big difference for you. Veteran who can play both halfback and safety, a ball hawk with a great football instinct, and a leader on the team. That should help you guys out. Plus with your high-octane offense you can get by with being a little soft against the pass. Look at the Argos: last at defending the run, but still Grey Cup champs nonetheless. It's all in the results, not who leads in defensive categories.

That's my two cents as a hated Als fan. :slight_smile:

Methinks your secondary problem is on the corners, so Miles, who is an excellent safety and a good HB, doesn't help you at all that way, other than getting over to help out when the coverage is already blown.

In any event, I don't think that your secondary cost you the Cup; it was your coach's refusal to change the whole tempo of the game by sending in Printers in the second half. Doing that just might have put that excellent Argo defence on its heels a bit and got you back into the game. Not to say it would have, but not doing it meant not even giving it a chance, and that was a bonehead mistake, in my opinion.

i am going to have to say that our biggest weakness is the secondary. Yes, definately the secondary. Also i think BC should really improve on their running game, it is above average but i think it should be better.

I'm out.

Madjack...Our secondary has been the achilles heel all of last year. Marsh and Young were horrible last year. Anytime a team needed a completion, guess where they threw. I hope Wally upgrades this year...We need it!

Sure, the secondary wasn't great last year but IMO it wasn't the biggest problem - our pass rush was. Any q.b. in this league could pick apart any secondary when the q.b. has zero pressure on him. Damon Allen did just that in the Grey Cup, although I was shocked at the amount of passes he completed across the middle. I feel our corners will be fine now that they each have a season under their belts, but it could be a long year for the D unless the pass rush greatly improves this year. That being said, if the D improves even moderately over last year - you can send us the Cup right now!

uhh… ya im gonna say that we definatly need to improve our QB and recieving core…lol… our offence doesnt need alot of work but i would like to see a little more running and play action… but on D we definatly need to improve the secondary, and the d-line… they get the hits but dont infiltrate the backfield fast enough

Have you seen any of training camp? How have KR/slot/RB Stephen Stokes & OT Amariah Farrow looked ?

not this year... i just know that last year they were pretty much a wall.. not much got through them but the QB could just look arround, decide weather or not to take a leak, then get back to the game and lob a pass to a WR whos had all day to get open

the lions biggest weakness is playing at taylor field

Why is everyone picking on Sam Young? The guy was a West Division All-Star last year. As for Dante Marsh, his play improved greatly in the latter third of the season once he got used to the Canadian game. He is one of the fastest players on the team and had a really good camp this year in Chilliwack.

You have to remember also, that a corner or DB can only hold his man for so long. The Leos' front 4 just were not getting any sustained pressure on the QB (i.e. in the West Final and Grey Cup), and their blitzes were abysmal, so Burris and Allen (respectively) were having a field day.

DH 8)

Too lazy to read all the posts, but I think our biggest weakness after listening to yesterdays game are: Special Team coverage and O-Line, can't let DD get hit 3 times in 1 series!

Team to beat in 2005

Huh?.. :?

Too early to say something…maybe the secondary, our D(but they did come up big time when it counts). Thats all for now :smiley:

Again a mindless Rider fan shows up. BC has very few weaknesses. If there is I am sure Wally will fill the holes quickly.