Where is our #1 draft pick? Let the kid play already.

I know it's important to let every player develop and I'd hate to rush him into a game if he's not ready, but god... I don't think he can do much worse. Let Bauman into a game coach. We are ready to see our #1 Canadian Draft Pick.

Being from the Prairies I maybe a little byes’ still but I’m really excited to see this Bauman guy play. He jumps like a friggen kangaroo apparently. Send him deep and see if he can get us on the board.

As long as he runs faster than the kangaroo I think it's a good idea myself. Let the kid travel.

start him instead of ralph

i saw the kid in pre-season and he stood his ground. put him in the game and let’s start stretching out the oppossing teams defence. this short game stuff isn’t working. :rockin:

just saw he's on the depth chart? think he'll get a crack this weekend?

He played a little last game.

He can't replace Brock.

Brock is fast, Bauman is not.

Give him some time.

Brock will be very good once the team gets their act together.

brock too as maas is not the problem with this offence. it's a team game like no other. would love to see chris become the 5th receiver eventually.


yea , another poll.

At least put Bauman in for a few long bombs and let him use his height and jumping ability to try to haul one in.

This is another Corey Holmes scenario. Great player being underutilized.

agreed. he’s 6’5 for christ sake… i’d love to see a guy out jump him.

Nice try Capn', but he hasn't dressed for either of the first two games.

Bauman will see little time because Taffe doesn't seem to understand how to build a young team. Young players need to PLAY to gain experience. Hard thing to wrap your head around, I know, but you'll get it!

Wasn't he hurt at training camp? A groin or hamstring injury? Better to let him get to 100% healthy than to risk being out again. The fact that he dressed and played last week should mean he will get some work this weekend.

They have to use his size to our advantage . Id start the kid and throw a whole lot of outs to him at the sidelines . I would think that would be unstoppable with his 6` 5 height.

Have you seen Maas throw outs lately though? It's one pattern I'm still not sold on him making throws for during an entire game, let alone his startlets.

I hear you though because Bauman can make those catches -- he just needs the ball where he can make those grabs.

Oski Wee Wee,

I have seen 5'7-5'9 corners shut down 6'4+ receivers. They use an athletic skill called vertical jump. Don't think that just because a guy is tall that he cannot be covered.

Interesting post, zenstate. It led me to take a look at Chris Bauman's stats when he attended the CFL Evaluation Camp earlier this year. He had a 37" vertical jump, the second highest jump by any player at the camp.

Overall, Bauman's evaluation stats compared favourably to those of 2006 CFL evaluation camp participant Andy Fantuz:

Bauman 6'4" 212 lbs
Fantuz 6'3" 221 lbs

40 Yard Time
Bauman 4.67
Fantuz 4.78

Vertical Jump
Bauman 37"
Fantuz 34"

The one area where both Bauman and Fantuz were deficient was the bench press strength test. Fantuz did six bench presses of 225 lbs while Bauman only did two.

While it is too early to tell whether Bauman will have the type of success Andy Fantuz has achieved in CFL game action to date, his evaluation numbers look promising for "jump ball" situations against opposing defenders. One hopes that the lingering groin injury he had during training camp has fully healed and that additional strength training allows Bauman to better fight the jamming by defenders and to fight for possession of the ball at the CFL level.

Remember Rob Crifo? He was 6'6 and was shut down on a few plays I saw from Ritchie Hall that used to play DB for Sask. Hall is 5'6. BTW.. isn't he coaching now?