Where is Moe Petrus?

Anybody hear anything beyond him getting cut in Tampa and not being added to the practice roster?

I know he's an OL, not a DL, but we can always use some Canadian depth, and he might make someone else available to trade.

I imagine he's waiting to hear from another NFL team.

He has to wait at least 10 days until he can sign with us. He was cut last Friday, so I guess we'll find out next week what his intentions are.

More than likely he will try between now and next May to get on an NFL PR. I would imagine that his goal is the NFL and will exhaust all options down south before coming up here.

The Cats will want to sign this guy to a 3 year deal and remember with the new collective bargaining agreement, he would have to fulfill the full contract with no option window. At that point, how much interest will there be in a 25/26 year old centre, when they can draft a guy at 21 and take a couple years to develop him.

The earliest I think you will see him up here is next June but I think it might also be a Giguere scenario where the CFL is his last option.

He'll wait until someone gets hurt down south. Fill in as depth for the NFL minimum.

This thread got more relevant with Hage's injury.

8) So where is this Petrus guy anyway ??
   He was released by Tampa on Aug.31, never to be heard of again.

   His 10 day window is up for sure in the NFL, and he can forget thinking he will be picked up by another NFL team,
   because he is just not good enough to play in the NFL !!

    I would imagine he would not even be a starter in Hamilton right away, if he does end up eventually signing here.

he needs to get stronger, a lot stronger ... that bench press is nowhere good enough.

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The 10-day window does not apply to him because he was never under contract to Hamilton. The Cats have his rights because they drafted him, but he is under no obligation to arrive in Hamilton because he never signed a contract with them.