Where is Matt Carter ?

Matt was a starter last year in Hamilton and now he hasn't seen the field ? :thdn:

Matt has been activated for 3 games and has 1 Defensive tackle vs Winnipeg July 13 at Edmonton. In other news; Greg Carr is due to come off the injured list and return to the roster.

How the heck did a WR get a defensive tackle?

I think he meant a special teams tackle.

You never know, our DB's are pretty banged up :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked the full team stats on defense from the CFL homepage and found that Carter has a Defensive tackle; however I checked game tracker and the game stats for the game and found that Jyles was intercepted 2 times. [Carter and Koch have 1 Defensive tackle each from the game]; So having said that, after an interception; the Offense becomes the Defense and that's perhaps why Carter is listed as having a Defensive tackle. That's my guess.

Matt Carter has more tackles than receptions? That's even worse than the Chris Bauman fiasco :wink:

What's next our defense gets more TD's than our offense? Wait, that could actually happen this year too. :cry:

The Eskie Defense has provided multiple chances for the Offense; but settle for 3...thanks Shaw. :thup:

Matt Carter made a real nice catch 8)