Where is Marty

Just had to start new post. I REALLY miss reporters that dig for information AND say what they think openly. Marty did this for sure, so does Cherry. Most sport reporters say the obvious like, " Calgary really wants to win this weekend" REALLY!
Jim Rome is good too. WE WANT THE REAL LOWDOWN not the snow job most reporters write??? Almost as bad as the player interviews in NHL.

York got blackballed because he would basicly report the dumbest rummors as actual stories... The one that finally sealed it for him was the one about Brett Farve joining the Argos.

You could always tell when Marty York was feeding you a BS line.....His lips moved. :lol: :lol:

Like him or not and obviously here how most do not, he at least covered the CFL unlike the vast majority of wannabe Toronto writers.

There's no comparison between Jim Rome and Marty York. Couldn't be more opposite if you tried. I've been listening to Rome since back in the early 90's and he hasn't changed at all. Same intense and in your face style now as it was in the early days.

Unfortunately, Rome's style doesn't go over well with many people over the age of 50, nor does it mesh with the polite and understated Canadian mentality.

A buddy of mine phoned marty and left him a story on his VM, that Donald Trump was in BC and he is looking hard at buying the BC Lions. marty then went on to repeat this story on the TSN pregame show the next night. The guy cracked me up

I have no bad words for Marty. Ok, so he was difficult to take seriously but I found him very likeable and met him and his wife at TiCat game sitting in the regular section. Very nice couple I would say, very cordiable.

I met him and his wife at the Track and had the same experience as you

Nice guy with no understanding of the politics of sports... Got setup and walked right into it.