where is Laverne McGee?

Non Tiger-Cat related question. I just figured someone here might know. She was co-anchor with Dan McLean on chch and has been gone for months. Did they fire her?

8) Yes, inquiring minds want to know !! She disappeared from the station for about a month around 6 months ago. Then she suddenly re-appeared a couple of months ago, but was gone awol within a week or so.
She hasn't been back on since and there is no more mention of her at all, so I would assume she was either fired or she quit !!!!!  Most likely fired !!!

No Idea.. I Tried to Google info about her.
But All I get CH Announcement of her Coming
And Stuff from Orlando where she before CH.

Out searching for Sam? :slight_smile:

When she was gone before i emailed them and they said she was taking a break b/c she had some personal things to deal with, then the next day she was on for the 6pm news, but since then shes been gone, frankly, i dont care anymore.

Every year the add a Female to the news Desk with Dan.
Every Year she gone quickly .
Dan is great by Him Self if it ant broke don't fix it

8) I think CH will take your advice this time OnKnight and not hire anyone else to co-anchor with Dan. It just doesn't seem to workout at all !!! :roll:

Well they have to find a replacement for him though..

They Have one ..Nick Dixon
He Replace Dan when Dan Hangs it up.
As Dan Replace Norm Marshall.

[url=http://www.canada.com/ch/chchnews/personalities/story.html?id=c5c7818c-9db4-4fc7-b08d-8ebdc6e3694a]http://www.canada.com/ch/chchnews/perso ... bdc6e3694a[/url]

Dan is Hamilton Icon
For close to four decades, Dan McLean has risen through the ranks to attain his status as one of the most recognizable and trusted anchors in the Ontario broadcast market. In addition, Dan's unwavering devotion to his community and profession have earned him the much deserved admiration and accolades of viewers and peers alike.

As long as they don't get rid of Michelle Dube'...I'm ok with the CHCH News the way it is.. :wink:

and Kate Stutsman :wink:

Matt Hayes

Wait wait wait. I can't be the only one that changes the channel when Kate Stutsman comes on can I?

She's pathetically bad. The worst is how stands, hands on her hips, looking completely awkward, with that insanely huge grin of hers.

i too was also doing some wondering recently. i was wondering where shirley dimiglio went.
hmm...laverne and shirley missing.

city legend

Thanks for all of your responses .... I guess we still don't really know, maybe she'll still come back at some point.

God I hope not
I like better with Just Dan on the Desk.

I can't believe this actually got to be 2 pages long.

Who is Laverne Mcgee anyway.

I think she's with Carmen SanDiego

Laverne is no longer listed in the personalities section on the CH News website so I would think that she is gone.