Where is Kyries Hebert ?

Thought he was in Winnipeg ... do not see him listed on the roster.

Anyone know the SCOOP ?


...he's at home, working on his PSII skills.....and thinking arbitration is a b!tch.....

There is a solution to this mess, Taman has to release Hebert. The Bombers, IMO , really dont need him, they have a good linebackers.

I am very confused about the total lack of involvement by the league in this issue. Here they are with the validity of its contract being challenged and it's sitting on its collective thumbs. This is not a Hebert issue, it's a league issue. You just can't let everyone who are unhappy decide to break their contract. There has to be a price to pay and if it means being suspended so be it. Berry operates as if Hebert did not exist so no skin off his back if Hebert is suspended till hell freezes over.

If we cut him loose what happens the next time. Let's say G. Simon decides to try for the NFL. BC says "You are under contract so sit down". Simon says "What about Hebert?" What happens next?

...they have a good linebackers...either you're expressing yourself in broken Henglish or we only have one linebacker ..which is it sam...just kidding sambo...lol...i believe Hebert is in the Bombers back office ...wringing his hands in despair...anxiously waiting for Taman to make a deal with him...or for him......seems they are in discussion with a dancing fool in EDM. who may be willing to deal half his team for Heberts rights....but this is only RUMOUR so far... really though..we are all patiently waiting for some kind of resolution....hopefully before the end of the 06 season... :roll:

they are doing something......they are making an example out of Mr. Hebert....sending a message to everyone else......you want to **** with a contract, then you can rot.....simple as that.....

Players will just be begging to go to Winnipeg after this mess.

another head case, hope he gets cut in the NFL, and ends up like Kahari, makes the team, gets cut, makes the team, gets cut, makes the team, gets cut, until he either lands in the AFL, or behind a desk.

Money is money and that's what it's all about, in Edmonton or in Winnipeg. Davis who was having his father's day diner in Toronto when Winnipeg called packed his bag and was on the plane to Winnipeg five hours later. No problem there. Those who don't want to live up to their contract are not welcomed. If a player signs and at some point is placed on waivers he would be expected to report to the team that claimed him. If not the claimant can suspend him. Sounds fimiliar? So... Who is responsible for the mess???

I was tired papa, from a long night at work and pulled KK-whateverhewantstocallhimself with that, I meant to say they have good linebackers, so im guessing they really dont need Hebert. I would trade Hebert for some footballs and Edmonton can have the headache...

Yes I heard this as well. I was up in the chuck and low and behold there were fire trucks everywhere on the bridge. It seems three or four Eskimo players in full uniform heard the rumor as well and they were about to jump. They put them in their sweet white jackets and shuffled them away. Stay tuned all players want to play in Winnipeg!

im pretty sure that IF(thats a BIG IF) hebert loses his arbitration battle, if and when it happens, and if he is for some reason willing to come play here, he will be playing, and probably take charlton's spot..but rite now i dont see n e problems with our linebackers..we could trade him for a few players

Not really think about it! His stock is low in the market place. If you are lucky you may get a draft choice possibly 3rd rounder.

well hes locked up for 5 years..im pretty sure that hell play unless he gets realeased from the bombers..which isnt gunna happen according to taman

He never signed a contract to play for Winnipeg. He should just sue them . He signed to play for Ottawa , there is a difference. I think he'd win a lawsuit and I think he should do . That would teach the Bombers a lesson they really deserve.
I could see you Bomber fans point IF he had signed a contract with your team , but he didn't. Being vindictive ,like you bombers are , is pathetic.

Rules are a bi*ch huh?

There's rules and then there's the law. You can't just make 'em up as you go.

You really have to blame the league on this issue even though it took a low life to wait 5 minutes before the waiver ended to choose him.
The fact of the matter is they should have made it that if you were not selected in the draft the players would thne be free agents. This makes more sense then putting them up on waivers! Yes Taman is a low no life!

again this was chatted about over and over! The Bombers and their fans have a different view point.

well the bombers picked him off of waivers which mean we have his contract and we own his rights and his playing status…so he has a contract to play with the winnipeg blue bombers for the next 5 seasons

u wanna call us pathetic? ha ha ur the pathetic one my friend. if u knew anything about it, being picked up off waivers is like being traded. they described it as a one way trade. so in that case, spergon wynn wants to try out for the NFL but was traded to toronto, now he's go crying to the CFL PA saying that he was lied to and mis informed so he wants out of his contract. and you defending him and calling us pathetic because he never signed a contract with toronto.

or a player being released and picked up off waivers. then doing the same thing. i cant believe u just said that, i really cant.

fact of the matter is, even if i gave u your argument and said sure thats true. he signed a contract with the CFL. he wants to ditch his CFL contract to go play for another league for more money. he has no lawsuit and suggesting he should sue the bombers for picking him up off waivers is rediculous.

hebert does not have my simpathy. at first i was leaning more on sambos side because i thought he would be a distraction in the locker room. but all this whining and snivvling has pretty well ticked me off. he signed a contract, we aquired it. he can either shape up and play football, or he can watch the CFL games on TV. we dont need him, i have no problem if he wants to sit at home. he needs to live up to his contract weather its here, in edmonton, or anywhere else in the CFL. he knew about the waiver wire, why on earth do u think he was waiting till 4 to sign the bloody contract. we picked him up withing the deadline, at the end so that hamilton couldnt get him once they learned we were going to.

ha ha man, i took that post a little to personal. but oh well, my points across.