Where is Ken Welch?

Haven't seen this guy in ages ... anyone know if he is still on "Canada's Superstation"?

The said he was Sick at few week ago .
There has been no word

I don't believe it was said, as such, but I somehow got the impression that he may have gone in for some sort of surgery.

He's still listed on the staff of CHCH. When they let someone go it's never announced they just disappear and sometimes they appear in another city.

The New RO in Ottawa shut down their news/sports coverage a couple of months ago. I see that a couple of them have now appeared in Hamilton on CHCH.
Too bad they didn't pick up ex-Ticat Ken Evraire, he was unemployed for awhile but now I see him on CTV doing weekend sports, he a natural with a good voice.

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It's too bad but I think that CH Hamilton is pretty much done, even after the company was sold to this new TV group and became the all news/movie station or whatever it's called these days by it's previous owner the near to late Can West Global group now officially Bankrupt and the almost dried up Canadian advertising market for television I believe the fate is pretty much sealed for TV in Hamilton.

The best decision would have been if a local group of investors or company could have purchased CH Hamilton re-brand the Television Station and change it in to an independent TV station that could work for the Hamilton, GTA and Niagara market.

I think the added stress of the recent downfall of TV in this area has pretty much made many broadcasters including guys like Ken Welch sick or certainly added to his pain and daily strain. As I mentioned above it is too bad because CHCH in it's original days pioneered TV in the area and developed the careers of many good and talented broadcasters who have all but for the small few have left or gone elsewhere.

I wish Ken Welch all the best where-ever he is, if he is sick I hope he recovers and gets better soon, I like many Cat fans enjoy his Sports Broadcasts and especially the reports on the Tiger-Cats.

He'll be back Monday according to Nick Dixon's twitter feed.

All the best to Ken for sure, he's a good one, I met him twice and he was a true gentleman and seemed like a great guy.

Tipper, free speech? Even in a "free world", you have to watch what you say as your employer is listening and this site is not your own, it is owned by a company who has the right to censure as long as it doesn't contravene the laws, it's their site, not yours or mine. There is no such thing as a true free society out there as much as some like to think there is. Business and government combined basically control us to some extent and tell us what's important and what's not, and what's right and what's wrong. Even the churches now succumb to these giants. Reminds me of a book by Harry Browne - How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, have to read that one again.

No, CHCH is being used as an example of how Local television can work. They ditiched all of their Hollywood gossip/entertainment shows. There is news ALL DAY just like CTV newsworld.
Most small stations in this country are shutting down and getting rid of their news and going to Entertainment tonite type shows.

He's back with good coverage of the Ti-Cat issues of the day! Was in Henderson Heart Ward "recuperating" from something. Welcome back and good health Ken.

Glad kenny is back

Ken was back on the air tonight and it sounded like he was off for medical reasons.
He went out of his way to thank all of the doctors, nurses and staff at the Henderson Hospital cardiac care unit so it sounds like it was something fairly serious.

For those that might have missed him Ken was also doing interviews with some of the players down on the field following the game the other night (This was during the meet the ticats autograph session following the game.)

I am glad to see Ken back on the air, not only because he is a big ticat fan, but I've always enjoyed his sports broadcasts and his sense of humor.

Good to see you back on the air Ken!