Where is Ken Peters?

It appears as if Steve Milton is the “beat reporter” for the Cats these days.

I haven’t seen todays Spec so I could be wrong but I didn’t see his name attached to any columns last week.

Its been very refreshing to see Steve Milton covering the Cats, he's a total pro....I hope its a permanent change.
Ken Peters ruins most of his pieces by going overboard with alliteration and repeating himself day after day. If I dont see "Balsam Avenue Bengal Bunker" in the paper ever again, I wont miss it.

Hard to write with a bag over your head.

Probably using his thesaurus to find synonyms for "disgusting", "lack-lustre", "pitiful"...you get the drift.

Everyone's entitled to energizing, end-of-summer, pre-school sabbaticals with the spouse and offspring.

The timing couldn't be better. We get a break from his [ahem] "suggestions" at a time when everyone has an opinion about how to make the team work. The team gets the benefit of more insightful press at a time they need it the most. It helps keep the Spec more distanced from the wrath of hundreds of Ticat faithful who are ready blow at the slightest stupid remark. And Ken gets a break from writing about what is such a negative subject right now.

Steve Milton is a excellent writer.....very insightful. It'd be nice to see him take over the Cat's columns.
He get's his point down and his message across in a legible fashion. :cowboy:

peters unfortunately, was correct about this team's character

Unfortunate that the messenger got shot and not the team.Ken Peters got into trouble for telling it like it is and he even had to apologize to the Ticat players after his column about the cats accepting losing.Can you imagine the embarrassement that he faced,when actually the ticat players should be
apologizing to us fans for the garbage
games they have played.You ticat players
should be ashamed of yourselfs to embarrass the black and gold the way you have.You have quit on your teamates,coaches and us fans!!!!!!

Ken Peters is back in today's Spec with his usual over used metaphors
He talks about Jon'ta Woodward returning

He was there Today

ken peters had a weekend pass at
the Garden of Eden.

Give me Steve Milton any time. Peters work is so cliche-ridden I just give up.

have to agree Milton Over Peters

Isnt he Mcmahon?

ken may have returned from vaction but,he seems to have forgotten his critical eye judging from today's feel good piece.

Self-preservation. I'm sure it was hard enough to apologize to a 1-6 team - being forced to apologize to a 2-8 team would be enough to put anyone over the top.