Where Is Joe Womack In All Of This ???

8) Can't help but wonder where the heck is Mr. Womack in all these interviews regarding our new HC. ??
   He was hired last year as the Asst. GM, and Director of Player Personnel, with the notion that he was being groomed
    as the heir apparent to Obie"s job.

     At that time it was reported that Obie would likely retire this coming season, or next.
      Would it not be prudent to have Joe involved in all these scenarios involving the hiring of our new HC ??

       Makes one wonder if Joe Womack is even still with the organization (which he apparently is), and exactly what his 
       status is regarding his future with this team at this point in time ???     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

        He certainly has all the qualifations to be a GM in the CFL.

         His name has not even been mentioned in the last 6 months here !!

How do you know he's not involved?

He might be in the US with the scouts holding camps, watching the bowl games, etc.

He might not be directly involved in the coaching search, but he's involved finding players, etc.

8) As I said, Womack's name has not even been mentioned in months.
  Obie stated that he himself would conduct the initial interview with the applicants for the job.

   Any applicant that was called back for a second interview, would be interviewed by Obie, Scott Mitchell and Bob Young.

I'm with you Tipper ... he has been invisible all season and I too was under the impression that he was brought here to be more actively involved than he has been up until now at the Front Office level.

To be clear though, it isn't very often that a team is going to have its assistant GM front and centre in the media on any front. Marcel Desjardins continues to be Jim Popp's relatively silent partner as assistant GM here -- I dare say no assistant GM gets much ink in Canada, relatively speaking.

Womack is likely doing his job. His forte is on the scouting side, hence the likelihood that his movements are not going to be broadcast 24/7 anywhere unless there is some Twitter-related feature for Ticat TV that I am unaware about. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a general comment, I think people are jumping to judgement on the fact that the Ticats are taking their sweet time to get the staff together. I am confident a HC hire is imminent. Obie is apparently going to a coaching conference in the US in the coming days, presumably to talk to position coach candidates and/or maybe even a head coach one. The NCAA bowl cycle is ending in the coming days. I am sure more has occurred than the media has been let in on. Time will tell on the specifics of the Ticats' staff search.

Oski Wee Wee,


Good point re Assistant GM.

Russ: Drew's blog quotes Scott Mitchell in a radio interview yesterday saying a decision is close:
""I think another week, I'd be surprised if there wasn't some more clarification to it but tough to put a time line on it, there's a lot of things you don't have control over. But we're certainly getting close."
This does not jibe with Obie's comment about checking out the US college coach meeting later this month. Sounds to me like they are pretty sure who they want already.

Huh? Of course they are "pretty sure who they want". That would be Cortez. But O'Billovich, Mitchell, Young
et al are probably trying to negotiate some middle ground with Cortez without having to give up total control of football ops (assuming reports about Cortez's demands are correct). I doubt if money is the problem because the Ti-Cats would have already known that Cortez's salary requirements would be exhorbitant. He is going to demand more than $500K/year to come here IMO - he will want to be the highest paid HC in the league. But what's another couple hundred thousand to Bob Young in order to get the guy they want? He's already losing millions annually anyway. However, giving Cortez total control would be a very large risk and something the troika is not willing to yield - and rightfully so.
In the meantime, Burke stands by, like the ugly girl at the dance, waiting for an offer. But it's getting very late, panic is beginning to set in, ten minutes to closing time, and suddenly, see ain't lookin so bad.

If Bob Young even considers paying 500 grand for and untested and untried head coach, I would hope he
has his staff look for another option. Cortez shows prromise, but not $500,000 worth. Not yet anyway.

We are taking this search very, very seriously. Every candidate has been interviewed by many Ticats staff members, Joe being just one guy whose opinion Obie and Scott value highly.

And for clarification - I don't really "interview" these candidates. I think of my job as more selling them on wanting to coach in Hamilton. We'd hate arrive at a point were we finally identified the perfect HC only to have him turn us down. So far I'm batting a 1000. :wink:

And your starting to be pretty experienced at it :lol: