where is Jason Goss ???

What is the story with Goss ? Is he ever coming back ? i know our coverage was pretty good with him and Cody as DBS and now we have a gaping hole in our secondary . It`s funny that not a word has been printed in the Spec .

8) He has apparently retired, and will not be back !!! I agree with you,it is ironic that the Spectator has not mentioned this at all, other than he has returned home for personal reasons !!!

yeh no kidding,m but an inside sorce has bin catching up with me letting me and some of the fans on here know he will not be coming back, hes retired from football, didnt like how things were ending up here in hamilton, i guesse you cant blame him, so hes going to persue a career teaching highschool football in the states, i would like for him to come back but i guesse football is a sport where nobodys job is safe or guaranteed, its a buisness and that that, good luck to jason and i wish him the best(COME BACK TO THE CATS#21!!!)

If he had retired I would think there would be an article on here or in the Spec . I think something is up here !!!!

I guess he backed out just in time. But yeah, the Spec has dirt on everything, you’d think…

This has the makings of one of the more bizarre tales in the recent history of our quirky league. I hope we get to hear the real story one day.

What makes it all curious to be naive ...is that it was "family " that he left for and some were made to feel guilty for even questioning the game before family....

As reliable as the source who is saying that he has retired may be, I'm holding off believing anything until an official announcement is made.

I certainly hope he comes back, IMHO he is the best DB we had. However, whatever happens, I wish him and his family the very best.

you don't think it had anything to do with his girlfriend spouting off vicious rumours about PaoPao , do you??

Just a thought. :wink:

doubtful, mods on here cudnt prove it to be his gf, could be some random, although it is her it has nothing to do with it, she would have gotten baned form the site before jasonw ould be fired lol think abuot it

ahhhh....yes it was her .
you think about since you're half at fault here.

your wife (if you had one) starts spreading rumours about your boss on the internet.
What do you think would happen to you and your job?


Maybe instead of everyone assuming the worst all the time, perhaps there is a valid reason Jason isn’t here and the team is classy enough to let it work itself out…this organization seems like it has way too much class to speak publicly about private matters of players and their families…

might be a good idea if everyone backs off of this one in my opinion…(just a thought is all)

I got a chance to Talk to Coach Reed at Catclaws BBQ last week

we where talking about Coaching
Youth Football and how fun it is.
When Someone asked him about Goss
He said poor Kid Just needs sometime away.
He wounder how he could play Football with what was going on.

He would not say what was Wrong..
But There has be good reason he is not here..

Let just leave it at that..

Give Goss sometime..
Sometime Life is more Important Then football

I think Corry Holmes has Right Prospective on life..

In that Order..

Onknight, if that's tyhe case, then I take back my comment.

Mikey - go stick your other foot in your mouth - you of all people never "back off" anything.

Someone (quite correctly) informed me that I should edit the post I made earlier. Hopefully Jason Goss can overcome the difficulties he's going through.

(I repeat, with added detail)

I see it this way. The team chose to place him on their suspended list which in all likelihood conforms to the action that league policy permits when a player is in breach of contract.

It is unlikely that Jason has officially contacted the team or the league to file retirement.

What I personally believe won't change history.

Too bad cause I know he can cover Bruce !!!

Mikey - go stick your other foot in your mouth - you of all people never "back off" anything.
Sigpig: I suggest you lay off Mikey. He is definitely among those on this site who make sense to me and doesn't jump to conclusions before all the facts are apparent. You might want to swallow some of your own venom.