Where is Hamilton going to play next year ?

Absolutely. It has a 400m track in which the cfl field dimentions will fit like in commonwealth width the edges slightly cut. All that would need to be done would be to extend the filed turf over the track area in witch the filed events, like the long jump pit are. Similar to what is done at Moncton. Only UB Stdium is already filed turf so it woulldnt be like a grass field with field turf into the end zones.
One of the reasons that CFL changed the end zone size from 25 to 20 yards is so CFL dimensions would be able to uniformly fit the endzones with only a slght cut to fields with 400 m tracks.

It's a better option than Buffalo. At least in London you can count on some locals to come out as well as the fans coming from Hamilton. If they went to Buffalo they probably would not get any locals out and add to the fact that not everyone has a passport and the expense of putting down a CFL field.

I would like to see the 10 yard end zones in the CFL, the fans would be a lot closer to the action.

I agree mike that London is a better option than Buffalo. I have still yet to get a passport, my old one has expired.

Endzones, as I've said earlier, it's not a big item on the CFL agenda and I can understand why really. I've sat in the endzones at IWS and it's fine. That being said with the new stadiums going up, I think a 15 yard end zone would go over great for the reason you mention, to tighten up the field a bit. But again, not something that's a big agenda item and the 20 yard end zone does give Canadian football a more distinctive flavour even if the difference between 15 and 20 yards is negligible I think in terms of how games are played and plays called. A 10 yard end zone really is a big difference and would not like to see that as it would take away the perceived different flavour of Canadian ball I think.

Idont think going to 10 yard endzones would happen the 20 yard endzones are a big part of the game leaving more room for red zone passes and also the returned missed field goal with 10 yard end zones a lot mor kicks would sail out the back of the enczone and give the kicking team an almost automatic point. The decision to concede the point or run it out have made for some exciting returns

Maybe the Ti-Cats can schedule their last home game of the season in Winnipeg. That way they could host the third annual "Final Game at Canad Inns Stadium"™.:wink:

I quite agree that there should be games in Moncton , two at least , they are quite interested in a franchise in my opinion, so, two in Moncton , two in London (max), two in Guelph (max) and two at skydump--one being the labour day game , that is eight, the other one should be played in Regina against the riders , as we all know this one would be a money maker. MacMaster may still be in the running for one , but the politics of that may still be in the works. ---We should know soon how this all unfolds .

I think the more and more that the CFL and Hamilton think about it playing games at University stadiums that are not up to CFL standards of at least having the ability to seat at least 20,000 the more they will be trying to book as many dates as they can at Rogers Centre. The Argos have trouble getting the Rogers centre being last in lne to pick dates but for the weekend dates they do get it is when the Jays are on the road which means they are out of town for the whole weekend meaning that there are openings for games from thursday through sunday meaning the the argos could play on a friday and the Cats on a staurday. Looking at the scheduled events at Rogers so far for next season only september is it really tight with the Jays being home three of the four weekends There is a thursday and a monday date availble. Im sure some of those dates will be taken by some Toronto FC games and some concerts but due to the way that baseball schedule is with teams being out of town for a whole weeked series that the same weekend that the argos play there would also be a date for Hamilton to play. If the same lease agreement most likely being the sme as the argos of next to nothing from a business standpoint having the most games possible at Rogers centre would make the most sense financially as they would not have to pay for temp seating to be put up or for the use of the stadium. Possibly two games in Montcon. Labor day the Blue jays are on the road that weekend so if Hamiton has the Labor day game their that should generate a lot of revenue as more Argo fans would go to the game as it is ter home stadium

I can't see how they could afford to erect 20,000 temporary seats at London for 2 games and then put up 20,000 seats, concessions, press boxes etc for 2 games in Guelph and then the expense to set up a game in Moncton too.
Why would Regina be a money maker for the Ticats? it would be a home game for the Riders.

They have to play all of their games close to home at one location, they can't alienate their loyal fan base.

The Traveling Ticats? if so a few game in big Americal Cities would be good PR. as well as Moncton, Quebec City, London,Kitchener(tri cities) only 20 minutes from guelph.

Well mike, The loyal fan base will have to travel regardless, it is my humble opinion not many of them will travel to London more then twice if that, as it is two hours away , Guelph maybe moreso as it is somewhat closer. London is not a CFL town , more geared towards what happens in the NFL and NHL in Detroit, therfore two CFL games would be pushing it . London does have a more modern stadium , stands on both sides unlike most University stadiums in Ont. So temp stands may not be needed as I do not believe the demand would be there for those.

Guelph is close to Hamilton , yes, stands would be needed for sure , Guelph would draw more Hamiltonians then London for sure , that is probably why I think, the Cats are negotiating with Guelph more so then London . The infastructure there leaves much to be desired in my opinion and would take work , but maybe something can be worked out on finances with the city . If a whole season can be played here then that would be good as it is the closest option . If not then The Cats and the CFL have to have a plan B.

Moncton , with financial help from the city of Moncton for a couple of games would be great , I was there two years ago and the atmosphere was amazing and the city was very appreciative of the CFL being there and it was genuine appreciation .---

I threw out Regina because it could be a home game for the cats (in other words both Rider/Cat games in 2013 would be played there) , one of those two games game receipts would go to the cats.---thus a potential money maker --yes ???

Labour Day at Skydome , might work , but not sure about that , the Cats would get the revenue for this , but it is a gamble and skydome would probably try and charge a premium for rental of facilities . Always beware of Rogers for sure .

The best solution would be Mac , but that horse may have left the barn .

London supported the ex game there a few years back and at least 2 games there will work IMHO. The NFL is popular everywhere in Ont but that doesn't mean that a less popular CFL game won't be well attended.

They could play all their games on the road and then all their games at home the following year.

How about a season in Ottawa?

I am intrigued by the idea of giving Moncton a trial run for a season; see if they can put their money where their mouth is.

If they could work it out with the Rogers Centre, that would probably be the best of many not so great options.

Bob Young has vowed to play all home games close to Hamilton. Playing more than 9 games on the road not only puts the team in a financial disadvantage but expecting the players to play more games on the road is a disadvantage.
You can't expect the team to set up in other cities, with set up costs, hotel costs, travel costs etc You also can't expect to say to another team like Sask we want to play an extra game there and we want all the profits.

Ottawa is out of the question since their stadium wouldn't be ready until 2014.

Rogers Centre has a very busy schedule until after September

Here is the events calender so far for the 2013


So far there is only the Blue Jays schedule and Taylor swift concert. I would expect a few Toronto FC games at Rogers when they bring in a big name friendly or David Beckam. Also a few more concerts. The Bills dates. Family event dates.
Labor Day is currently open also aside from july quite a few weekends from a thur-sunday where Toronto could play one of those days and Hamilton on another. IF Rogers does give them the same rental fee of practically nothing even with the last choice in picking dates The Ticats could squeeze out 6 or 7 games on days wednesday - monday. No temp seats, porto potties, concession stands, already built for big time events obviously and already a CFL quality field obviously.
Taking the left over dates definitely. are they reasonable dates definitely. Will rogers give them the same basically free lease as the Argos get probably. Rogers does this to make sure that the get the most events as possible there. If they were to be charging the argos some substancial lease price the Argos would be may have definitely been looking a little harder at other options.
Also as an option for season ticket holders would be to add a package that would include away dates against the Argos
If indeed they can get al of their games at Rogers with the exception of TD Atlantic and maybe a second at Moncton.
When thinking of venues to play at you need to take in the most important factor and that is the fans. They deserve to get as many home games as possible as close as possible.
It would be the best for the fans (closest venue) ownership (cheapest rent hopefully along with no temp seating cost etc.) CFL ( a CFL standard stadium looking more proffesional and not bush)
Fun to think about a game at London, Guelf, etc. but probably not the best thing.
This is not the first time this has been done in a professional sport where a team had to find a temp home but they moved to the best and closest facility. For Hamilton it would only need to be 7 or 8 dates over a 4 month period.
Even if Toronto had a 1:00 saturday afternoon game at Rogers the Cats could play a 8:00 saturday night game.