Where is Hamilton going to play next year ?

Given how few dates at RC are open to the Argos in July, August and September -- the only team in history to have home games on all seven days of the week this season -- do you seriously think Rogers will suddenly be able to accommodate two football teams? I'm not even convinced the Ticats will be able to get Labour Day at the RC. The Jays do not make up their schedule with any consideration whatsoever for the CFL.

Opps, posted in middle of the 2nd last post. Any reason why Mcmaster said no ?

Blue Jays traditionally play Labour Day at home, the schedule is out for 2013 and the Jays dont play at home on Labour Day 2013 there on the road :thup: So Rogers Centre is available Labour Day for the Classic !

[url=http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/schedule/index.jsp?c_id=tor#y=2013&m=9&calendar=DEFAULT]http://toronto.bluejays.mlb.com/schedul ... ar=DEFAULT[/url]

Rogers owns the stadium, they can do whatever they want. The CFL is competition for them, and they know it.

Mac has very limited access, it like Winnipegs new stadium, only 2 roads in and out !

It's not that simple. There are likely no sites (or very few) with sufficient restroom facilities or electrical capacity. Not to mention zoning issues & they'd also have to get it licensed for beer sales. There would be no press box, so TSN likely wouldn't be happy, along with the rest of the media. It's not as easy as BC putting up stands on the footprint of Empire Stadium that had all this stuff already in place.

Please... enlighten me, exactly how "depressed" is our economy right now?

actually, the unemployment rate in Hamilton currently sits at 6.8% which is lower than the national average of 7.4%

There you go thats one date at Rogers for the TICATS. I am well aware that they do not take into consideration the Argos and the CFL at all when scheduling events and they get what ever is left but the price is right so no need to worry as the CFL plays on different days anyway. Now they have at least one game there at Rogers for Labor Day and if both sets of fans come that would be a huge crowd 40,000 plus. With baseball being the main obstacle playing mostly 3 game series on a weekend when the Jays are out of town there would be a few nights in a row open. With football only playing once a week the Argos can only play on one day of those open weekends the TICATS could play on one of the other days. There are more dates open then you think but the Argos have to play when the Jays are on a weekend away series as I said leaving the Cat to play on a another day. Like I also said if the weekend around the Jays was booked but they had a SAT 1:00 start the Cats could come in for a 8:00 sat night start. Imagine the Ticket deals that could possibilly go into effect for a day like that.
The Hamilton faithful fans and 30 year season ticket holders should have th chance to play at a Quality facility that is very close to them. 2 hours to London would be Ok for one game or two.
As I said under the circumstances that is probably what the delay is as they need to wait for what other events will be scheduld at Rogers, Soccer friendlies, concerts, etc.

That was one of the ideas that I thought made sense also. One game vs the Riders at UB stadium already 30,000 seat capacity 400m track means only that the turf extended for the end zones over the track sections where the long jump pits are would be very minimal adjustment to what the cost would be of adding temp seats that would have to be put in place at Western TD Waterhouse and also at Guelph.
The goal for me if I were the CFL and Hamilton would be able to be able to put a season package together for games at Rogers for both games where they are the home team and games where they are the visiting team against the Argos. Giving the Argos a nice boost in attendance for the one or two games that are scheduled for Hamilton to be the away game.

There were questions on the post of why MAC has said no. They claim that it will be disruptive to summer school as well as unsafe with the hospital there on game days. Ron Joyce was simply not built to accommodate 15,000 fans with parking and road congestion.

It's tight around Mac no question. London though and TD Waterhouse Stadium has much more space.

This guy PIGSEYE is from Winterpeg, i spent a week there one night, BORING !!!! enough said :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed TD Waterhouse has much more space problem being two hours away. UB stadium is even slightly closer and already equiped with a 30,000 seat facility a jumbotron and only an extension of turf in the endzones would be needed where the field event take place. It is a good idea to get a CFL game in a border city again and this would be the perfect season in which to do it in an area where there are CFL fans and an area in which CFL games were televised in the states on a regional sports Network when there was o other programming in the states anywhere. What was the name of that network I cannot remember it was.
I want to say America one but I dont think that was it but it was somthing like that. Tats why the Rochester area has a fan base.

but Is the width of the UB field able to accomodate a 65 yard playing area? (as American football fields are standard 50yds in width)

The UB stadium has a 400 metre track around it, which means the in-field can accomodate soccer or a CFL size field.

London is still too far away for Ticat season ticket holders. We know all the problems/excuses that Mac came up with when they rejected the Ticats 5 months ago. But it wouldn't surprise me if the Mayor/Ticats/Mac have been working behind the scenes to come up with a solution.

Buffalo is about 45 minutes away, not including time needed to cross the border. I can't see that as any kind of viable alternative, but then, neither is London.

Gotcha, nice to get sane response without all the name calling, thanks.

steve, where I work in Hamilton, there are people who live in London and commute every day back and forth to their workplace in Hamilton. And it's usually less than 2 hours each way, I can do Hamilton to London in an hour and a half, even less sometimes, and at about 70 miles/hr depending on where you're going to in London and where you are starting in Hamilton.