Where is Hamilton going to play next year ?

How much money are they going to lose, having to play in another stadium and away from their season ticket base.? Mcmaster has said no! Nice to see the community helping a organization that has been in Hamilton for a long time !

As far as I know Guelph and London have also said No for full seasons. I would think that season ticket holders would want something closer to Hamilton than London anyway. It's a 2 hour drive.

I'm surprised that they haven't got a deal done yet. The clock is ticking. How can they expect current season ticket holders to renew for next year when they don't even know when they'll be playing...

If they had an answer, I'm sure they'd be announcing it.

How can they expect current season ticket holders to renew for next year when they don't even know when they'll be playing...
Unless they find a single venue to play all of their 'home' games - how can there be any such thing as a Season Ticket Holder next season ?

Has it been confirmed, or denied anywhere whether or not the SkyDome is a viable option ? I’m thinking that each organization could come up with some type of cross marketing strategy that involves discounted tickets to the others home games …

Perhaps a deal could be struck with GO Transit to allow discounted fares on game days for STH’s and Flex Pack Purchasers ?

No matter what … Bob Young is going to take a financial bath next season … it seems to me that the Rogers Centre would offer the most stable revenue generating option …

What's wrong with the temporary stadium that BC used a few years back? Wouldn't that be the simplest solution or is Young looking for a freebie?

The Cats and the city of Hamilton are going to put a temporary stadium like the one used in BC in various locations around the city, move it from site to site, the sites being where the permanent stadium was in discussion over, and see which one is best in case the IWS site where the permanent site isn't as good as thought.

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mosaic... :wink:

Ikea Parking Lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Where would they put it?

They haven't asked us to renew nor are they going to. By buying tickets in 2012, you were ensured seats for 2014. The 2013 season was kept out of the equation. They knew a lot of season seat holders would not make treks to watch the team, so this upcoming year is likely going to be used by the team to regionalize the Ti-Cats and grow their fan base in other communities.

There are places where it can be put (Confederation Park, for one), but I don't think a temp stadium is going to be used. My guess is they play a few games in London, maybe some in Guelph, Labour Day will be in Toronto and perhaps one or two games in Moncton. I don't know how the games will be divvied up, but those are the places I see the team playing.

It is also possible that McMaster could be brought back into negotiations. But we'll just have to wait and see.

i hope they play all their home games in London. well, maybe one out in Moncton, to keep interest in atlantic Canada.

That's what I was thinking...

And where would you put a temporary stadium?
They would have to prepare a site including proper drainage, the site has to be leveled with ashpalt. You just can't go to home depot and buy field turf and lay it down on a grass surface.
You need a site with a lots of power, drainage, flood lights, lots of parking, public transit.
The only site that fits all the criteria is McMaster Uni

So you're telling me there isn't an existing site, such as an abandon warehouse, factory, row housing, that isn't schedule for demo, anywhere within the Hamilton city limits, that could could be used in junction with redevelopment of that site later on? I find that very hard to believe considering how depressed the econmony is in that area right now.

It's not that there isn't a site, it's that you will never get Hamilton's city council to agree on a site in time. This whole process to get a new stadium was ridiculous in its length and divisiveness, and I, for one, would rather not deal with that again.

Maybe we can get all home games in 2014 & free 2012 hot dogs.

I don't know, the meat might go bad by that time spinner. :o :wink:

But hot dog meat is processed so it might have a long shelf life. 8)

Reason #2346346 why BMO should be big enough to hold a Canadian Football field.

Maybe they could play a few games Stateside. University of Buffalo?

Since I was there for the first game, I would love to see Moncton have 3 games, back to back to back three weeks in a row.
If so, this could go a long way in evaluating that city once and for all as a potential 10th team?

I agree getting Rogers Centre would be the best option. It has been noted that the Labor day game will be played there most likely. If Bob Young was smart he would invite both sets of season ticket holders to the home game for Hamilton to make up for some of the lost revenue that will happen at non CFL level locations. The game in Montcton would be another Hamilton game so If it can draw the same 20,000 as it did before there will not be much of a loss there.

Ultimately I am hoping that the hold up is that they are trying to coordinate as many dates as possible at Rogers Centre for the same 0 cost of leasing for games as the Argos get. With the CFL setting the standard for venues at a professional level venue I dont want to see them playing all there games at different University facilities with TEMP seats with less then 20,000 capacity and far for the season ticket holders and fans.
It was said by Cohon that there was a possibility of playing 2 games in London and possibily a second in Moncton. Hopefully that means that they have 5 dates at Rogers centre now and are trying to get more.
The Cats could then put a season ticket plan together that would include home games at Rogers centre as well as games when they are the visiting team. That can get 7 or 8 games for the loyal fans of Hamilton to get to resonably easily.