where is Giguere?

He hasn't made the starter,backup or taxi squad lists.Anyone?

My Guess is there Playing Shuffle the Practice Roster .

Sitting at home waiting for a call. When he heals he hopes he can ride the pines all the way to the bank. :roll:

At $80K per year, NFL practice roster players don't get rich. He may be waiting for some other offers, but undrafted free agents rarely get a ton of calls. And I suspect, undrafted FA's from Canada can expect even less.

If he can afford to wait, good for him. I expect he'll have to swallow some ego before he realizes he is a CFL player, like Morley and Braidwood before him. I do not expect to see him in a Ti-cat uniform this season.

Below is what Wikipedia has to say on Samuel Giguere and his status with the Colts:

He is currently a free agent. After spending the entire 2008 season on the practice squad, Giguère was re-signed to a future contract on January 5, 2009. He was once again waived during final cuts on September 5, only to be re-signed to the practice squad two days later.[4] He was released from the practice squad on September 9, re-signed on September 12 and released again on September 16. [5]

According to his Facebook page he's still in Indianapolis:

[url=http://www.facebook.com/pages/Samuel-Giguere/107175399118]http://www.facebook.com/pages/Samuel-Gi ... 7175399118[/url]