Where is Gant?

When I looked at the depth chart for tomorrow, I noted that Giguere is on it. I assume he will be moved to the 4 man reserve since he just had surgery. That leaves CC as the 6th receiver. Got me thinking "Where is that stud Gant?". He shows on the IL on the team website roster, but doesn't appear on the IL on the depth chart. In fact, he doesn't even show on the PR. What gives? Did I miss something? Don't tell me that the BlueBloopers snagged him too?

He's hurt

As in "injured"?
Or is he #4 on the import depth, which means he hangs out on the IL until one of the other import receivers gets injured?
Don't get me wrong, I like the imports that are starting. I just wish there were more balls to go around and I would like to see more of Gant. We have only got a little tease so far.

On today's transaction list:

HAM DEL IMP Ed GANT (WR) North Alabama
I hope this is just the first step in moving him to the PR.

Hamilton recently acquired speedster WR/Returner Dexter Jackson of the Appalacian St upset over Michagan a few years back. Was drafed by the NFL and has bounced around for a few seasons.
I noticed Gable was back with Tavoy More on Kick offs as well and had a nice return.
Hamilton seems to be doing fine with KO returns but the tougher return spot is punt returns so Austin continues to find the best player.
Gant may just be odd man out or did not due enough to keep him job secure