Where is free agent Fantuz headed?

Andy Fantuz, receiver with the Riders, is slated to become a non-restricted free agent at the end of the season.

Where do you think he is headed?

I am pretty sure he already has an offer on the table from the Riders. I am guessing that he will gauge interest from the NFL after their season is done and sign with the Riders before the Feb deadline.

hey Billy, do you not think he will listen to any offers from the rest of the CFL teams?

I son't think that salary will be the deciding factor because there will not be a lot of difference in what is offered. It will come down to 2 factors, his loyalty to the Riders vs his chance to win a cup elsewhere. My guess is that he will go with the team that gives him the best chance of winning the Cup.

So wrong.

He will stay in Regina unless things go totally wrong. He isn't going to just go wherever.

I haven't heard him say he's unhappy, so I predict he will remain a Rider.

Money could be a drawing card for Fantuz as he has attempted to make the NFL cut on a couple occasions, thus, I surmised he desired NFL money enough to leave Riderland, where he was adored and adulated.

If another CFL team offers a significant pay increase from the Riders, his agent may be inclined to fervently persuade him to leave.

From what I have heard, money is not the issue. An unsubstantiated rumour I have heard is that Andy's Dad is apparently quite well off and has told him that if he wants to make a go at the NFL that Dad will foot the bills if it doesn't work out. I think Andy's motivation is purely that he thinks he is good enough to play there and wants the chance to prove himself.

If Andy becomes a Free Agent I would expect him to sign elsewhere, but otherwise I expect him either south of the border or back in Green & White, most likely in Green & White.

Re-signs with Saskatchewan.

If he decides to test the market perhaps someone will blow him away with a mega overpayment, but I doubt it. If he doesn’t go back to Regina, my guess is Toronto… but I really think he’ll re-sign.

Nope he has to go to one of 8 cities and I am saying that he will go to the city that gives hiim the best chance of winning.

I disagree, I think he went to the NFL to try for the brass ring, to play at the highest level he can.

not the case. I've heard things you haven't heard.

What have you heard? I agree that I don't think Fantus will go anywhere but the NFL again maybe. I don't think he is here for the money either. But it would be nice to know what some of the people have heard about him come offseason!

I don't see any NFL interest here any more, and certainly Chicago was the wrong place for it given its overload of talent and/or extreme speed with Knox, Hester, Roy Williams (experience more than stats now), Earl Bennett, and even rookie free agent Dane Sanzenbacher .

Did you know that Matt Forte is part of Mike Martz's offence there and, akin to Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk of "The Greatest Show On Turf" in St. Louis of yesteryear, is the top receiving RB in the NFL?

Any NFL interest would have to come from one of few teams with using commonly a spread offence such as New Orleans, Green Bay, and Arizona, and it's not happening in any of those places for Fantuz.

I think it would be great for Fantuz to come to Edmonton to catch passes from a real QB of course. :slight_smile:

What have you heard? I agree that I don't think Fantus will go anywhere but the NFL again maybe. I don't think he is here for the money either. But it would be nice to know what some of the people have heard about him come offseason!
He says that his first choice is the Riders. He wants to stay in Regina if he can, has a house in Regina. Because he believes this teams future is still bright!

Oh for sure! He loves the Riders, and all the fans love him! I hope Taman is smart and offers him something that is fair. And I also thinking that Regina getting the GC in 2013 may play a small role in him staying as well.

But if not with us I can see a Southern Ontario team picking him up, be smart for Toronto, but I can't see him going there, more likely Hamilton, just to be closer to family, because lets be honest, that plays a big role in NI players being closer to home!

Well I'm not sure why people immediately assume he's going to stay in Regina and he's that loyal to the riders. He hasn't made any secrets that he'll explore the free agency waters in the CFL and hasn't dismissed the NFL either (which is stupid, but I digress). If he really wanted to be a rider, why hasn't he re-signed yet? It's not because they haven't offered him a long term deal or anything. And he didn't seem to have an issue signing with the Bears this off-season.

I think both Hamilton and Toronto will be throwing a large amount of dough his way and I personally feel he'll be headed to Toronto and be paid a lot more than what Saskatchewan would offer him.

He hasn't accepted a contract yet because he wants to see if their is any NFL interest. That is he dream, and I don't blame him for giving it a try! He feels he didn't get a fair shot this year because of the lockout. And maybe he will end in Toronto, but I don't see it, unless they get a QB who can complete a pass, I don't see why he would go there. I think Sask is going to offer him a lot of money to stay, I'd be sad to see him sign with another team because of money, not too many fans welcome a guy back from the NFL like the Rider fans did for Andy on Labour Day!

I think he'll stay with Saskatchewan, but not after giving the NFL another shot.

Personally, I hope he ends up in Hamilton, and I don't think it is completely ridiculous that he could sign with the Cats. He is from Chatham (which is about 3 hours from Hamilton); he played at Western; and the Cats should have some money after offloading the contracts of Arland Bruce and Maurice Mann this year. If the rumours of their salary are to be believed - Bruce in the $150,000 range; Mann in the $100,000 range - that means that Cats should have some cash to throw at Fantuz.

I admit that this is wishful thinking on my part, but I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility.

Hamilton is my second choice for Fantuz because of all the things you listed. It would be nice for him to play close to home where is family and friends would be able to watch him play more often. I also think Fantuz being on a team like Hamilton would increase attendance for the club. That's one of Sask's strong points, finding, and playing local talent. It brings more fans who maybe wouldn't be out to every game come out because they personally know the player.