Where is F. Murphy, he`s better then Boe, argos can use him

i DON`T UNDERSTAND Frank Murphy was the best receiver all year. and he played in Montreal at the big O and has not played since, he was the most consistent receiver all year for Toronto and Bishop and him hooked up for so big plays, and he always caught the ball and was a big target for his size and I thought
is could have been a top reciver in the CFL.

I don`t understand Pin Ball or argos fans . please explain and why he is not playing.

                 CFL FAN

no clue...bo sucks and should be cut.

the argos have a lot of fat to trim off that roster...including bo, mookie, and 1 of either avery or edwards...plus many more.

I agree that Avery should go. What bugs me is that the commentators still gush over how good he is, even though he had one good season his entire career, and has stunk ever since. Last week I think it was Walby who said "He can carry an entire team on his back." And I laughed, and I laughed, ...

Don't know what happened to Murphy, but the Argos made such a big deal over signing Boerigter, and he really hasn't contributed anything to the team's success. Once again it's all defence and kick returns that have gotten the Argos where they are.

yep, big mistake to bench murphy for boe, this argo team can be that much better.... class of the east..

or what they could do is use the 5 reciever set all the time... and have them both in their...

Excellent question. I can only speculate that the Argos really love Bo’s size…except for a big man, he sure is invisible.

I think Murphy should be playing as well.