Where is Ezra Landry

Well just a quick question when is Ezra coming back from his knee surgery...I think I have had enough of watching Avon Cobourne...We need a spark to get back on track and with Ezra back in our lineup it would be a good start....We also need a deep threat, Tyrone Anderson is playing like he just doesn't care...if the ball is overthrown or underthrown he just gives up on the play...Is it Calvillo's faul definately not

Yes I know...Throwing to Anderson has bad news written all over it.

As for Ezra, I'm not sure, I read an article a few weeks ago that he was feeling great practising, then all of a sudden he's hurt again...Not sure what's going on.

I talked to Landry after the game friday, he said he's feeling fine but still has "problems with the knee".

I don't know what to think of that situation right now !

I think Landry won't play in 2006 and will be cut next winter.

2006 is his option year.

If he doesn't sign a contract with Al's before Feb.2007, he'll be a free agent then !

Cobourne is not the problem. League rule changes for blocking on kick returns is. I don't believe that Landry would bring that much more spark (unfortunately) with the new rules in place.

I agree with the observation on Anderson - he has never been reliable, particulalry is situations where he may be physically punished. Too bad the G.M. didn;t trade him in the off season to Hamilton instead of Terry Vaughn. That was one of Popp's rare but unquestionable mistakes.

As for Cavillo, much of the Als' problems are his fault. He is in total control of the offense. No interest in developing a running game, too much reliance on the pass and predictability/lack of creativity have caught up to him. When the Als' are consistent on offense, it is usually because of the running game (small runs are just as important as the big ones). If A.C. can't call a proper game, then it's time to make some changes (and I don't necessarily mean at Q.B.... the O.C. should be given more control)