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I took in the Stamps Riders game in CGY on SAT ! Great Atmosphere and The Rider fans were so cocky at the start of the game it was great to see the Stamp fans have a LOT of fun with them ! They deserved every bit ! They were dishing it out in the 1st half, but that back fired in a bad bad way :lol: :lol:
Winnipeg needs a SCHANKS sports lounge, wave pool and a ZOO ! Dieter was right about our zoo !

Holidays, work, just getting outside enjoying the weather in general.

I’ll get booted or at minimal slagged, but regular posters of this Bomber forum only like to defend, or to fight against a paranoid sense of attack or to create their own internal turmoil. Like that fan who created a sense that the world was unfair because secretly the coach was going to go with Jyles at the beginning of the season. Most have little to say generally about football, just about how the world hates Winnipeg. When the hate dries up so too does there’s. Then I guess they kick their dog, have a drink or joint and wait for failure.

After witnessing a near perfect execution, albeit against a struggling team, there isn't much to say. I get most of my info about "football in general" from fans on this site, so why don't you FLAG off !

Just quietly enjoying the win and the nice weather... :wink:

Your the same guy that went on to the Stamps forum and made up stuff about Hufnagel and Dickenson fighting on the sidelines and how Hufnagel is arragont ! You have nothing to back any of that up ! Go back and look at some of the threads from this year and especially last year and see what was being posted by the trolls . Standing up to these morons is okay ! I guess where your from you just turtle when people insult you ? Your last sentence was uncalled for, so you brought the slagging your going to get, on yourself ! :lol:

.....here's something for you to get your teeth into flag....The media is quoting and accepting the esks. 'take' that their defeat was an 'embarassment'...apparently overlooking the fact the Bombers played one helluva game ..It was a good asre kicking of a lesser team by a superior team that day....I hate the spin some of these yokels in the media put on games.... No wonder fans in the Peg get po'd ...We're not sucking the hind teat anymore and this kind of 'take' just points out the fact, that apparently, some teams (in this case the esks.) are in some way the annointed ones and when they get beat it's a travesty of sorts...The esks. haven't been much better of a team than the BlueNgold for a few years now for cripes sake......especially since the salary cap and they can't 'buy' a team anymore ...WHY???the surprise when they get it 'taken' to them...I hope by years -end we'll finally get some respect.. We could see another team go through the throws of a 'rebuild' ..just like we had to do....It's really not so 'embarassing' ...The esks. have hit the wall....only one way but up :wink:

....oh and by the way blueblood....i'm here :lol:

around and about and enjoying the weather and working and being lazy and doing bad bad things.

Papa, I take nothing away from your Bombers for the ass-whooping they laid on Edmonton. Your D-line, in particular, were as ferocious as I've ever seen. BUT the Eskimos did not look ready to play in any phase of the game. Line play was awful, tackling was awful, heck, even special teams couldn't get it together (at one point, an Esk player ran into his own kick returner). Ray was gun-shy, under or overthrowing receivers who were also dropping balls. It was evident from the first series of the game that Edmonton wasn't mentally in it, which was shocking to see coming from an 0-3 team that most (myself included) thought would be playing with far more of a sense of urgency.

Any time you witness a beatdown like that, it's never only about what one team did. It's about what both teams did to produce that result. Did the Bombers play a stellar game? Yes, no question. But did the Eskimos mess the bed and make their opponent look twice as good? Also, yes. I felt the same way when my Als were getting blowout wins last season; it wasn't purely about how good we were but about how our opponents beat themselves with mistakes and poor execution.

You're bang on as usual, D&P...

Watching the game, I was thrilled with how the Bombers were playing, but also thought 'geeze the Eskimos stink'.

That said, IF (and it's a fairly big IF - we haven't shown any consistency yet) the Bombers play like that more often than not we should be able to compete with any team in the league.

Actually, Edmonton has looked about the same in all 4 losses this year. Their first loss to BC was pretty much a mirror imagine of their loss to the Bombers, except the score was much more lopsided. The Montreal & Saskatchewan games were also very similar to each other. They have just been bad all year and finally got exposed for just how bad when they faced a team that could do very little wrong that day.

....i'd like to see in the future when they write a game-up that the team doing the whooping gets the headline rather the other way round....Sure the esks. stunk....but is that the bigger story than the success the Bombers had that game...I guess if you take into consideration they have not had an 0-4 start since the sixties...that is a story...but cripes...even their failures get more press than our successes...Anyway....just a small thing...time to move on.. :wink:

Sorry, don't buy that. They had both the Als and the Riders on the ropes in both games but simply couldn't finish. That's a far cry from being blown out by Winnipeg. Ray passed for 350 yards and multiple TDs in the Montreal game; how is that similar to their horrendous offensive performance in the Winnipeg game?

My take- even if Edm. played as good as their best game last year, the Bombers would have won, in spite of ints. It may have been a lot tighter, but we would've prevailed. And I understand what Papa's been saying. Didn't think any one else knew there were "darlings" in this league, too!

That points to the big question in my mind. After the Montreal and Saskatchewan games, I thought this would be the game (against our banged up squad) where Edmonton might well turn the corner and show themselves as contenders, but they stunk the joint out. Nosediving isn't how you turn the corner. It was a statement game; what in the world are they saying?

I'm not taking credit away from the Bombers papa, there was lots to feel good about there, and I agree with Dan that if we played that way we would have won no matter what, but I'm still mystified by why Edmonton was a bad as that.

There could be many reasons, ploen. Or it just might be their turn to hit the skids. God knows they've been at or near the top for years.I do know if that had of been the Ti-Cats instead of the Eskies, no media panic button would've been pushed!

Sorry dis but your wrong.

Check the stats,

BC & Wpg games Edm had 368 & 319 yards of offense, gave up 5 and 4 sacks, fumbled 3 and 1.

Mtl & Sask games Edm had 443 & 427 yards of offense, gave up 1 & 3 sacks, fumbled 0 & 2.

Almost identical numbers.

Their play has been consistently bad, only the opposition has changed.

If BC had a better offense, they would have blown the doors completely off of the Esks.

If Mlt & Sask defences were at the top of their games, which they weren’t, the numbers would be similar to BC & Wpg imo.

Edmonton has been consistently bad, the only thing that changes is the play of their opponent.

Um, with no offense intended, those are not almost identical numbers, not even close. In the Montreal and Sask games, the Esks gained almost 100 more yards of total offense, gave up significantly fewer sacks, and turned the ball over fewer times.

But that's not even my point. You're aggregating statistics for each game as evidence that they played the same in all four games, which is a flawed argument because it overlooks play from quarter to quarter within a game. An inability to finish and key mistakes late in the game, not poor overall play, are what plagued Edmonton against Mtl and Sask. They were strong in those games for three quarters but couldn't make plays when needed. That's a far cry from being owned out the gate against Winnipeg, a game they were never in, not at any point.

Hmmm, I see I didn’t make this clear enough.

I’m saying they played bad in all 4 games not that they had the same stats in all 4 games.

I’m saying the stats in the BC & Wpg games are the same.

I’m saying the stats in the Mtl & Sask games are the same.

The difference between the BC & Wpg games and the Mtl & Sask games was that the Mtl & Sask defences didn’t play as well as the BC & Wpg defenses did.