Where is everyone watching the cup??

Im wondering where everyone is watching the grey cup next weekend??

Im looking for places in Hamilton or area with some good tv screens and a nice eatery area.

I would think they would arrange something at Copps Coliseum - or whatever its calles now.

My preference is at McMohan Stadium.

Grey cup party with the Fam, Drinks, food and Football!

Same here, only in Ocala Florida. I’m getting some strange looks about my Ticat flag from my American neighbours

Ya, we’re hoping for a public viewing party at THF, copps or convention centre.

I thought we were all coming over to your place ? ;D

In Calgary!

You stay strong my friend.

You tell them Americans, if you want to watch some REAL original football - to come to house your on Sunday.

I will be parking my butt on the couch at 1pm.

It looks like the REC Room here in London, Ontario is doing a big watch party.

My basement.
65" 4K TV, 5.1.4 Atmos home theatre with Paradigm and PSB speakers, smoked ribs or chilli, beer of my choice.

Better be some quality craft beer. ;D

Paradigms are awesome. That sound quality will make it feel like you are in the stands.

This one needs to be on the screen at THF.

X 2 ?