where is everyone doing for the game???

Where is the best place to watch the game on sunday??? where is everyone else going??? LIONS ARE BRINGING HOME THE CUP!!! too bad its not at home… section 2 beer bong was awesome!!!

at my friends house in HD

edited - trolling

at my house in HD on 57" of heaven

I suspect there will be a ton of pub parties around the Lower Mainland with the Lions in it.

I heard this one being advertised all day on the TEAM 1040....


We always hold a Grey Cup party at our place, no matter who is playing. Lots of food and fun. Its always louder and more fun when the "Home" team is in it!

with like minded friends at a home party..or in town at a sports pub..some where to cheer them when they win!
what a rush that will be.

We've always done the Grey Cup at home...we decorate/have mascots, etc. Mom & Dad's anniversary is the 27th (and they're Lion's fans from wwway back) so we kind of tie the Grey Cup celebration in with that. This year is an extra special celebration - Dad's battling cancer/aneurysm and Mom's been paralyzed by a stroke for 20 years and has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. We're gonna' make sure we spend quality time together watching our Lion's bring home the Cup.

The Student Union Building in UBC. Where Javier Glatt went to university. gettin DRUNK!!

how about in the lower mainland…looking to get a big group of people together… need to have the pride all in one place… anyone planning on hitting up a good pub and party it up

gl roxy....hope you have a great time. Go Lions!!!

At home, with family & friends...on a 52" widescreen :slight_smile:

I stayed home for the Western Final, so I'm going to B.C. Place for the Grey Cup.

A skeleton key and a universal remote for the Diamond Vision, and I should be in business! :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetings from Vienna the home of the Dodge Vikings Vienna. I wish you to win the Grey Cup.


At my house in HD with a lot of food!!!

the best place to watch the game..hmm...................CANAD INNS STADIUM BABY!!!!! GO LIONS GO