Where is everbody?

No disrespect to the regular posters but I must say I am little surprised at how little action this board gets. Considering the success of the team and the fan support thought I would see a lot more happening. Is there another site fans use like some other teams? ie Double Blue Room or CFL Horsemen.

don't know about the rbs, but most other teams have alternate private forums.

There's just not a lot to say. The team just has not made much news laterly. They have very few free agents and among those guys, they haven't resigned any of them. They've signed a bunch of last year's draft picks, but those guys are unknowns to us.

They are really pushing the season ticket renewal (I believe the deadline to guarantee same seats is tomorrow) but haven't announced numbers.

Have to.agree....if more people posted I would also post more often....bleedredblacks!!!!

I’ve been here for 10 years and this is normal during this time of year. You will see it pickup a bit when FA opens up next month, than it will go dead till the Combine, pickup for a week or two and then activity starts to ramp up with the draft.

I think its a case of Ottawa Fans not knowing about this forum. Ottawa hasn't had a team for 8 years prior to the RedBlacks

I was a die-hard Ottawa Rough Rider Fan back in the 80's and 90's but once the Rough Riders were gone and they brought in the circus (Renegades) I stopped watching CFL games all together.

I only found this place because I got back into watching / following CFL football after an eight year absence. I was looking around for game stats and stuff once the first season started. Now that they are back with an Ownership that WILL make it work here in Ottawa and for a long time, we are back full speed ahead and I think many others have the same feelings.

Just a side note, I was talking to my ticket sales rep on the weekend and he says renewals have been great!
It should be around the same season ticket base as the first year with some dropping out but many others ADDING tickets to their group like we did. :thup:

With some smart free-agent signings this could be a great second season. Can't wait for it to start 8)