Where is Dwight Anderson on Trash Talk?

Rider Fans where is your number one Trash Talker of all time, I heard him trash the Calgary Stampeders but nothing so far on the Tiger-Cats this is not like the loud mouth Dwight Anderson to be so silent, I mean after all the guy is usually so blatent about calling out the other team and players, is there another Gag order on DA??

Who is there to trash talk on the Tiger Cats? These aren't hated rivals, there really isn't much to trash to be talked between these two teams. Besides, he kept his mouth shut last week and they won, don't change a good thing :smiley:

Exactly. A part of me is going to be a little depressed when the Cats get blown out on Sunday, since they are my second fav team and for that to happen to them will be a little disheartening. :lol:

Hey it's nice that some Rider fans have a soft place in their Green Jersey's for the Cats likewise as many Tiger-Cat fans feels about Regina but you just know Dwight is going to say something with all the media around for the Grey Cup unless Chamblain has Duct Tape over his mouth?

Chamblain probably has another player following Dwight around with the roll of duct tape. :cowboy:

Hopefully he keeps his yap shut. Still can't stand the guy.