Where is Duane Ford

I've noticed Duane' s updates dried up last year and this is normaly his time. Anyone know what's happened. If your out there Duane, hope things are good for ya. :thup:

I know he is organizing a football camp this weekend for players that were not invited to the E-camp put on by the CFL. 2 of our hosts/fans will try to bring some stories as all the main stream media is at the ecamp.
Hopefully he can find some time to do some posts here.

Yes I have noticed that this time last year Duane was blogging more on the CFL draft. I also wish TSN would give easier access to his posts to date re rankings of Canadial players. I regard DF as one of the most impressive journalist on the CFL. In addition he has been impressine with his broadcasting.

That's mostly because usually his partner in the booth is a complete tool. (Big wave to one Rod Black)

There has always been crticism about the guys in the booth on TSN. So what do they need to do to fix this? Money, american broadcasters, more female broadcasters?

Ressurect Ron Lancaster. He was the best :smiley: :thup: :smiley: … and I’m not saying that because he was a Rider.

But seriously, I think it would take some spine on the part of TSN to do a seriously good interview process and select the best candidate from the interview process. Give the guy a full year to get truly settled. At the end of the year, assess both his progress and performance. If the dude doesn’t cut the mustard, be willing to do the process over again. They (and fans) need to be patient in identifying and developing talent, just like on the field.

Are you really a lawyer? doubt it now
then give us your criteria for success
Then measure it against the dude as you say
sheesh…gimmee a break…
you dont like him…fine…but dont cloak it in false intelligence

You jump all over legal because he wants TSN to go through a proper hiring process?? Wow

Prove to me they haven’t?

and as LB states measure against the objectives…and what are those?..by what you like?

if prove is too difficult …then just show me any true evidence in your mind as to how they haven’t.
ie who got by-passed…not who you think is better…but who got bypassed

There's that. But the bigger irony of Flag's post is that I actually put so little consideration into who or how good any announcer is. For me, I pretty much tune out the announcers and focus on the game - I don't go looking/listening for flaws. I was just making a suggestion as what they could do to to get the best candidate.

For all I know, Black could come out on top in such a process - I don't care. I've got nothing against the guy. It's actually quite amusing how this is turning out :slight_smile: 8)

I've got nothing agains't RB either. I need to more about who he actually is to pass judgement. I don't know what actually moves him internally. He's a pretty boy upfront that appears to love everything so that clouds my ideas of what he is about.

Rob Black cares about suffering children of the world and is an active spokesperson for World Vision.

I'm sure Rod Black is a great guy, but that doesn't make him a great play caller. :wink:

just giving earl some info :wink:

Good posts legal. Just like any job, someone could be the greatest
guy outside of work, but still isn't very good at his job. So then the person should be let go. But maybe Rod black is the best they can get. Better then I could do. Lol.

I believe Rod Black's performing improved with Duane Ford as his partner!.

I am so focused on the games that I dont even care who is in the booth or what they are saying.

They all pale in comparison to lancaster anyhow.

It just isnt worth complaining about them. They all talk too much anyhow.

Then there are those damn sideline reporters talking to people with the stupidest questions while the game is going on. Now thats worth complaining about

Duane better be back, he's pretty damn good.
Also, I'd hate for people here to have to start complaining about somebody new.

:lol: That was good.