He hasn't posted since yesterday, when he had plenty to say about what is wrong with the Edmonton Eskimos. Perhaps he should be commenting more on what is wrong with his riders. I mean they were playing a game against a team missing its first string quarterback. Then, a blatant cheap shot takes out the Argos second string QB, and they are forced to play a third stringer that hasn't thrown a pass in the CFL. Then, the Argos lose their starting running back. And the riders still can't pull out a victory. Sounds like problems to me.

Perhaps he is just drowning his sorrows in some beers, or plotting a Danny Barret assassination! lol. Either way, I eagerly await him showing up and taking his medicine, as he so eagerly urges others to. After calling out Eskimo fans last night for not having tons of posts immedietely after the loss, he is now nowhere to be found. It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Man, give him a chance to drop by. The game ended just a few hours ago and he probably was there, so chances he comes tonight are slim.

PS: Your Eskimos still stink.

Nobody likes a champion.

It's nice to see we have gotten past the Weiner/Dr.Flies name calling =)

Thanks Third. I was at the game and then took a bus back to Saskatoon that unfortunately wasn't equipped with wireless internet and I didn't have my laptop with me. Dammit, when will technology catch up to my geekery!

On top of not getting home until after 11, my wife would not appreciate much if I ditched her all day to watch a game and then jumped on the forum as soon as I got home. I am sure all the important people in your life you are responsible for (which you remind us of so often) would understand where I am coming from. As for the game. Yes, it was deflating. At least we made it exciting in the end. We put up the big plays for the comeback, unlike..... nevermind. Out of respect for Edmonton fans that aren't you I will not bring up the other night. It is unfortunate that we couldn't pull off the 2 point conversion, but congrats to TO's D for stepping up when it really counted. I hope Wynn and Williams make a speedy recovery. It was too bad to see them get hurt.... although I didn't even notice Williams leave. My wife told me at half time when I called her. The hit on Wynn, I agree with BigDave, it was not dirty, but I didn't have the luxury of replay to tell, but I think his assessment from the other topic was accurate. Either way, Kent Austin should take the heat for that one. Arrogant prick should not be calling anything but a kneel in that situation and unfortunately it is Wynn with a broken jaw and not Austin.
I would just like to point out that in your replies to "Where is Warner" you did not once talk about the game. I at least can stand behind my team and congratulate their opponent when we lose. And for the record, my post, if you read it again, was not in any way derogatory towards you. I was just wondering where you went. You seemed to fall off the face of the planet for a bit and I thought the timing was convenient. And I did feel bad for you as an Eskimo fan because as a Rider fan, not even I can say I know how deflating that must have been. Close.... but not quite.
But yes, although I did not come on here last night as you would have liked, I am here early this morning and you can sleep easy now.

Go Riders!!

My question of where is Dr. Rise was for the same reason as your question. You also disappeared off the face of the planet, after your team got smoked by a team playing with a 3rd string QB. Embarrassing indeed. Very convenient timing as well. You seem to have a convenient excuse for your absence. It never occured to you that I wasn't near a computer immediately after the game either? Hmmmm... more than a little hypocritical indeed. And I had plenty of comments on here about the Eskimos game. Just not on your thread. I could care less if you only read your thread, and figure that someone has disappeared. Bottom line is, you weren't posting on ANY threads.

And you say that at least your team made the big plays for the comeback? LOL. Dr rise. A comeback is when you actually WIN. The riders LOST. Again. To a team playing with its 3rd string QB, due to a dirty cheap shot by the riders. You didn't come back at all.

And you say you wouldn't know how deflating the Eskimo loss is? Are you serious? My little friend. A regular season loss is one thing. It can be tough, but you live to fight another day. It isn't even in the same order of magnitude of importance as a playoff game. Remember the Western Final from a couple of years ago? riders vs Lions in Overtime? Your inbred kicker has a 17 yard chipshot, to send it to another round of OT, and possibly the Grey Cup? And the idiot shanked it, to END YOUR SEASON on a 17 yard field goal miss? You know, the play where the classy rider fans dumped manure on his lawn afterwards? And you claim you have no idea how deflating a regular season loss on the last play is? YOUR ENTIRE SEASON ENDED ON THE LAST PLAY... in OVERTIME, of the Western Final... when your kicker couldn't knock it in from 17 yards. I didn't feel bad for rider fans... I laughed my head off. And was glad I have no idea how gut wrenching it must have been to watch your season and your Grey Cup hopes end in such a fashion.

1989, my friend. Only a team as pathetic as the riders could go since 1989 without a Grey Cup in an 8 team league. I understand your petty bitterness and jealousy. If The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos had only won 2 Grey Cups total, and none since 1989, and the pathetic riders had won 13, including last year, I'd throw temper tantrums as well. Riders Su.ck!!!

GO ESKS GO!!!!!!!!

Hook, line and .... wait for it..... yep there it is..... Sinker!!

Go Riders!!

With responses like that, is it any wonder that people in Saskatchewan really do not like the Eskimoes. You have a quality team with a record that any Rider fan would kill for. Usually you have a great coach (I am not impressed with DM), you still have great management and you have a contender for a team. I guess that you do not like Dr. Rise but why troll for angry responses from fans that may not like Edmonton but respect them. The Riders may not have a great record BUT there is a definite desire to get better and improve. We are putting over $9 million into improvements in our stadium. We are attempting to sign those elusive free agents that everyone says won’t come to Sask. We are still supporting our team. I ask whether the EE fans would be doing the same to the same degree if they had our record. It is very hard not to just “shoot” back at fans and comments like yours when for many years you have finished behind the EE in regular standing since 1977. Now that we have a team that at least is in contention, why do you have to try to make the EE sound better by verbally attacking a team that you view as weaker. Seems like you are worried that maybe, just maybe, the Riders may finish with a better record than you.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Especially a Champ that has be BOMBED out. :lol:

cmon wormzer, rw05 already told us you and EE were in his back yard having beers listening to hank williams sr.

theres a tear in my beer
and Im crying....wh wh whaaaaa