Where is Dmac when you need him

This team is missing a leader for a QB. DMac should still be here...maybe not to start but to mentor.

We went through this last year. Tried how many QBs and no one could get it done. Bring in Maas and worse than last year...at least we beat Toronto w Dmac last year. The team couldn't wait to get rid of Danny like that was going to make a difference. Don't see the difference. They did the same thing to Marshall.

I think Lancaster should bring DMAC back. Hey he looks good w a clip board and headset in Calgary...he could do the same thing in Hamilton sidelines and help us get this team going again.

One thing DMac had that Maas is missing is respect of his teams and their want to do their best.

The line was better yesterday...big difference.

QB situation was the same. Eakin can't do it either at least without a mentor and he's not going to get that from Maas.

bring back # 14 to help coach a QB or play!

Get rid of Lancaster so Danny Mac is actually used in that fashion and you make a go argument. Sadly with Ron here Mac would start not mentor

man, I thought last year was bad. and the fans were screaming to ditch DMac. but at least last season, we had the sweet joy of winning our labour day classic. this year, we were pulverized to the point of giving up.

I agree. bring back danny for some coaching and see where that takes us… I’ll be damned if this can get any worse.