Where is Daley now?

hope he ends up in the NFL since he is a CFL reject. About time to turn the tide! :lol:

......bit harsh on the reject label, many coaches have been fired and resurface later.....he'll be back, probably as an OC.......Ottawa?.........Saskatchewan?........

…he is alive and well living in Calgary…right where he belongs… :wink:


...that's right Red ....he must be somewhere around cowtown.... :?:

......but why would he 'belong' here?.......

So he could assist the Calgary defense in keeping Winnipeg out of the Playoffs! :wink:

.....sure, bring him on as a DB coach.......

Wasn't Daley a defensive coach when Calgary won the Grey Cup in 2001?

.....YES ....and that is the reason why the Stamps should hurry up and get him on the coaching staff....we would as Bomber fans....like Daley to show his coaching prowess to the full extent of his incapabilities.... :shock:

Wll good to see is still doing ok. Hopefully he can do good somewhere like calgary where for some reason we lost the cup to thestamps. But best of luck daley.

.......see?......no hard feeling leads to better Karma...........good for you fbm!!......

...I hope he signs a ten year contract with the Stamps....and he does his thing there for a very long time..... :lol:

who cares where he is now, just glad he's gone!!!

I was curouis, I hoped he got signed down in the NFL so we'd never hear form him again. :lol:

u guys are harsh on the guy. He succeded in Calgary as a coach. He is just no good as a head coach. He has a very por work ethic and is to friendly towards his players. But hey, what happened, happened if Reily was still the coach he would have been blamed. But Daley is gone Berry is in. Let's start winning football games again.

Thanx for the compliment Red and White

....won't even comment on your assesment of the devastating season the Bombers had with this guy.....bloody gawd awful comes to mind...'.just no good as a head coach'...is a little light criticism of a guy who left our team and players in the horrendous mess we have to dig ourselves out of.....thank goodness we have some competent people in charge NOW....good luck Daley in your new endeavours....but I sure was glad to see the back of ya.... :arrow:

hey papa take it easy on me. I know we got totally screwed by Dailey. I know that as well as the rest of the league. But he just isn's a head coach he was on the Calgary coaching roster when we lost the grey cup in 01. I know we got a pit but maybe not as big as 1 that most think. Offensively we keep gettin dtronger. we got a greeat o-line, amazing running backs, returners,slots, and wide outs. we have a great d-line if we resign tom canada as a rush end, and mabe gavin walls will return. we need secondary that really it. We have very poor db's and corners. that can be fixed, now we got a better coaching staff. Its might not be as bad as most think.

...Okay footballmad....didn't intend to rip you....you can be assured all of my dislike is directed at the former coach ...if you want to call him that...I just have go back to some of those bad calls of last year...and lack of intensity by the Bombers under that guy...and I wanted to do an Asper on him...anyway lets bury last year....and yeah you're right we have a good nucleus for our team this year....need a few good fa. signings and we're good to go... :wink: