Where is Corey Holmes?

Looking back we should have kept our first pick in the Ottawa Dispersal Draft and selected Kerry Joseph.
Lord knows he would be better than our #1 today,

We refuse to use the runner-up in league MVP (Holmes) voting in 2005 effectively.

Why is this?

We don't use him. He sits on the bench. WHY?????????????

One would think that Taafe, who used both Haskins and Pringle well in Montreal, would give Holmes more reps at RB (when Lumsden needs a breather), use Holmes as a fifth receiver in pass situations, or, at the very least, start Holmes as a slotback (because our starting slotbacks right now can't seem to get open). But that isn't happening.

Why is a former league MVP riding the pine when the offence stinks and needs obvious help? (And please don't tell me that they are saving Holmes for kick returns, because, once again, we have no blocking to spring him loose in that regard, and his talent is just being wasted there).

This is absolutely mind-boggling. Taafe, if you aren't going to use Holmes, at least trade him for a starting receiver WHO YOU WILL USE.

To me this is the biggest question mark so far this year. Holmes can create match-up problems all over the field. I would take Dickerson or Radelin out and have both Lumsden and Holmes in the back field. Where’s the screen pass? Lets get Corey on the edge and see if he can jump start the offence. At least it better then what we’re doing on O

true they need to run splt backs with lumsden for power and holmes counters and sweeps becuz holmes was once and mvp runner up u know what he has but u better put him in the lineup so we can get some pts on the board