Where is Copeland

Where is Copeland....was he missing in the game....or maybe the rumors are true....he is about to be traded...dispite his abilities he was and continues to be a distraction in Calgary....heard he may be off to Montreal. That is why he just ran routes on Saturday...

He was playing lastnight as our 6th receiver.

Caught one pass, had another one taken away by
a bad call. He wont be traded, so dont hold your breath, and he's been anything but a distraction.

I agree. It looks like Copeland has cleaned up his act which can only help the already very potent Calgary offence.

Hmm it seems the CBC broadcast crew continues to tell us that the side show has been set a side. It was mentioned what six times last night. I was out in Canmore and watched the game out there. And frankly now I can see why many of you complain about these two clwons for the CBC. I kept hearing about the young Tiger cats on defense. The Stamps defense is very new too! Yet they got old real quick according to these morons.
On Copeland he was odd man out as sixth receiver. Next week it may be Rambo. No big deal. It seems many of you would like to see him traded why?

I'd love to see Copeland reunite with Cahoon.

Well Red I am reluctant to say but it appears your Stamps have collectively the best receivers in the league.

yes i was watching the game and i saw the receivers their stacked from receiver 1 through 6 and henry burris is so dangerous whether he throws or runs then they have reynolds in my opinion is the best running back in the league

calgary will have a great year

I'm sure the Rider priders will be saying that they have the best receivers in the CFL but looking at the depth on Cowtown's Slotbacks:

Lewis & Boerigter as starters and Copeland and Rambo listed as backups. Yikes that's gotta scare the bejesus out of any opposing defensive co-ordinator. Thelwell and Ralph at Wideout aren't no slouches either.

Well guys thanks for your assesment there will be those that will say sure they looked good against a Tiger Cat team. The question is that Tiger Cat team beat us late last year and they beat Winnipeg as well. The Tiger Cats are not as bad as you think. They just need time to get there team in place. Bad coaching decisions last night by their OC cost them that game if you ask me. Put Timmy Chang in there with good play selection and they would have done much better. Jason is done like toast. He missed a sure touchdown before their first field goal. A wide open Corey Holmes on the five yard line and he over throws in the end zone. Bad coaching and bad penalties made this one sided.
On the receivers yes they are very good and we have another on the practise roster and one that is injured. But again it is important to here this from other fans not Stamp fans.

The commentators said last night that Copeland was accepting a back-up role. Im not sure how true that is, I would go with 05’s comment that Rambo and Copeland may rotate in and out of the line-up. Im not so sure it he QB that is the Cats’ problem, a lot of those plays are called by the OC–and his play selection was brutal. Penalties and mental mistakes cost the Cats big time as well.

Even though its nearly seven years later Boerigter appears has not lost a step.
He does remind me of the other slotback type stud, Jason Claremont.

The Ticats' play selection did them in on Saturday, the same way it did them in all last season. Second-and-ten, a four-yard pass isn't going to move the sticks. Oh sure, the receiver may slip a tackle, get a good block, and use his speed to get close to a first down, and maybe with a favourable spot you may get close enough to gamble on third down; but how many times is that going to happen in a game? Two or three? And how many times do you need it to happen to score more than 9 points? 15 or 20?

This may be the problem with bringing in assistant coaches with no CFL experience. In a four-down game, four yards per play is plenty. In the three-down game, four yards per play means plenty of punts!

Calgary, on the other hand, did everything right. Except for Boerigter's fumble and Burris being stopped on the third-and-one, they played the game the way it was drawn up.

I still support Jason Maas (for now) and if he's playing hurt, then I admire his tenacity. But if he can't throw the ball 15 yards downfield, keeping him in is making a statement; not that Maas is our #1 QB, but that we'd rather lose than look disloyal. "Here comes Hamilton, an easy two points!"

Copeland was a distraction last year with his antics....this year another game or two with only a limited role and he will change back to his old ways....the test will be this weekend matchup against Saskatchewan....

did copeland take a pay cut? if not i wouldnt be suprised to see him out of there at all... trade him for a good rush end or tackle...

copeland was busy smoking his ciggarettes on the sidelines, trying on his new earrings, putting on his du-rag, and practicing his bobsled dance. Him and Nik Lewis act all cocky, yet they choke in clutch situations, they have never dominated games, and talk so much trash taht fall on their faces time after time.

Copeland not only took a pay cut, he initiated it.
Going to management declaring if it kept him on
the team, he'd take a large cut in pay.

For the last time, he isnt going anywhere, and everyone from management, teammates, fans, and of course himself are happy about it.

He had a small role this week, but that will change
throughout the season. The luxury of having depth.

You are right Bigdave they should have assistant coaches familar with the Canadian game but they will only get better.
Play selection may be two fold. Denny Crehan DC stated his defense was giving several different looks which confused Maas. So the coaches were probably trying to work around this with their play selection.
On Maas I do not agree with. Your team requires a guy that is not hurt and can move this team. And if Maas is hurt he should not be playing yet. So the next best thing would be to give Timmy Chang reps in the games. This kid will do well for your team he just needs to get use to the Canadian game. He got fooled on the one pass lost track of that 12th guy.
Over all I think your team played not bad and will suprise through out the season.

Not likely the guy has stated he will adhere to the organizations wishes of the One team concept. It is interesting that the Stamps receiving corps is that good you need to sit a first stringer. And yes they will be rotating recievers in the line up. No trade in the works. Copeland is an important part of our offense. Now who will be designated next game.

Why trade him we have capable guys in our defense already? James by the sounds of it you would like Copeland in a bomber uniform. Well it is not going to happen anytime soon.

Yup pass we have heard it all before. Jealousy will get you everytime.