Where is Commis Cohon?

When the Commissioner was originally selected there were a number of feel good stories in the press. Since then, almost nothing from him.

While I am not one of the fans that think the refs are horrible and out to get my team. I recognize that there has been a lot of upset and discussion in the community.

There is also concerns about the CFLNFL situation. The SMS, rule changes etc.

But we have heard almost nothing from Comm. Cohon. Yes there are statements from the Office of the Commissioner from time to time, but nothing from him directly. A couple months back, I faxed a letter with a number of questions, I have heard nothing back! At least Mr. Black responds to by email questions.

So perhaps its time for the Mr. Cohon to come out of the dark and start communicating with his customers!

Now that makes sense to me. Show some leadership Cohon.

Yup the lynch mobs are out! Get the rope on the tree catch a horse and that find him. :lol: :lol: Just keep the trucks with the smelly stuff at home.

Do you think it is appropriate that the league put a gag order on any discussions about the NFL coming to Toronto?

Do you think it is right that he not respond to letters? Heck I have written to a lot of CEO's, politicians, etc. I have never had to wait a couple of months for a reply!

Why do you have to try and make this some sort of attack? Heck, I am on record more often than not supporting the refs and the rules. I even think that the recent fine to Tillman was the right move.

So rather than jerking your knee, perhaps you might want to talk about how you feel the new Commissioner is doing? I liked Wright, and Cohon seemed to be a good pick, but I am just beginning to wonder since I have heard almost nothing from him about the important issues that face the league. Heck, what is happening with expansion (ok, he can not perhaps go into detailed discussion related to negotiations, but why not give us some info).

Okay I will answer Wright was a good guy to bad he is gone. But Cohon has not even had a year yet and your questioning what has he done for us lately. Seriously this is to soon to really judge the man. But yes I would have to question why talks of an NFL team in TO is over shadowing the fact the league is on the verge of the playoffs. This I feel he should have stopped. Or kept this for the off season. But remember this is his first season. Lets hang after two seasons.

Ok, perhaps I am jumping the gun, but at some point one has to see more than platitudes coming out of the Commis. But heck, players get judged for less than a 1/4 of play. I just think it is time for Cohon to step it up.

Believe me, we will hear more than enough from him, maybe more than we care to hear, come about a month and a bit when something called the Grey Cup is upon us.
Personally, I can wait.

And he's been talking eg:

""The statement is coming from the Buffalo Bills, not the NFL," CFL commissioner Mark Cohon said last night before the Eskimos annual dinner in Edmonton. "We will wait to see if the NFL endorses the team doing that.

"It has to be approved by the board of governors of the NFL for the Buffalo Bills to play a regular-season game in Canada. We'll make a comment once we learn more from the NFL, but this goes to show there is the potential of the NFL coming here."

[url=http://www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/sports/story.html?id=c1da44c3-8dbc-4401-837f-219a37aafa46&k=64300]www.canada.com/nationalpost/news/sports ... 46&k=64300[/url]