Where is cflisthebest?

I’ve been away from the site for a few months and notice that the talk around here is a little subdued. I kind of miss the enthusiastic post of cflisthebest - kept things interesting around here. Is he still around?

Yea I miss him also, always intrigueing to see what he's got to say on given topics. On where is he; There was a bet between him and An Argo fan (I think) that no team in the league will draft a canadian QB prospect. Well anyway, cflisthebest lost the bet; loser can not post untill Aug.1st , however still allowed to submit picks in Big Dave's pool.

Thanks for the info. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't posting given the fodder available from yesterday's game. And congrats on the game yesterday you had our number from the opening kick.

Thanks, on that note you guys will come up big next week against Montreal.

I give you guys a much better chance with Hamilton than us with Montreal but your vote of confidence is much appreciated.

Everyone wants a piece of you when you're #1
You'll just have to take my word on that one