where is CFL headquarters?

just curious, cuz i can't find this info online?

where is it?...in toronto? do they have thier own building with CFL logo on the outside?

Canadian Football League
50 Wellington St, East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1C8
T: (416) 856-2651.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/modules.php?op=modload&name=legal&file=privacy]http://www.cfl.ca/modules.php?op=modloa ... le=privacy[/url]


No prob, it was hard to find though.

I thought it was Hugh Campbell's house in Edmonton?+

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Just Kiddin. Earl has it right.

Headquarters is on the east side of the downtown core. Hard to find. There is a logo (lacking colour if I remember right) that blends into the exterior of the building.

I stumbled on the CFL headquatres one afternoon. It has a silver logo on the exterior & shares the building with another company. The CFL’s headquatres are on the 2nd floor and are also shared with those for NFL Canada.

Isn’t that street near the South West Corner of EGLINTON and YONGE?

If the CFL offices are still there , just take the TTC North/South to EGLINTON Station and walk West on the North side of EGLINTON at YONGE ST about 1 block. :thup:

your ****ting me right? Shared with NFL Canada? :twisted:

...We are no longer near Eglington....It is now in the St. Lawerence Market area...an 8 minute walk from Union Station...

The NFL offices are across the hall...they are a great bunch of people.


Thank you :thup:

The NFL has help the CFL with loans and promotion.


Why would you think headquarters would be under a rock.

**** the NFL, i'll promote the CFL myself. It'll be bigger than ever before.

this phone number is wrong...i called it 2ice today and some girl picked up...

odd, the CFL would give a phoney number on thier website.

dg, sure you phoned this number? It would seem strange that the number is wrong.

i called it 2ice...u try it.

Why is there an NFL canada
Why is there an NFL office in Canada
What is there function?

Does drummer have a special package he want to deliver to someone there...hmmmm

already in the mail...lol

I can't right now, when I get home I'll try.

If we're sure it's the wrong number, maybe we should all be calling it