Where is Bob Young? - SPEECH!!!!

c’mon Bob, im sure we all want to hear your thoughts about the teams performance the last few weeks, making the playoffs and finally hosting a playoff game!


We are still waiting! This was your best year to date since owning the club! Great job we all knew you and Bob would be a great combination. Awesome coaching staff also!

Awesome team! 8)

Here is my speech... "God Bless Bob Young!!! He is a good man. A man, without which, we would have no team. I don't know if he is Catholic or not but the Pope she grant him saint hood. Thanks Bob! Thank you for everything." :smiley:

He will in time im sure ...He has to take the Credit and Congratulations for giving this opportunity for this Team too strive with the people and staff hes put in place to take of This Great organization.. Hat's of again MR Young was a great season of Football in Hamilton! once again thanks too everything you and your staff have put into place ....Always room for improvement but that's not far around the corner ...As this season has taught us ....

Thanks and i hope to see a Caretaker update soon ..... :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

He's probably crafting something as we speak, and maybe doing it a bit more carefully than the article we read about Aldershot as a possible stadium site that seemed to cause a bit of stir around here. :wink:

I'd be interested in hearing how he and David Braley handled the game last Sunday. :lol:

Was there a friendly bet... dinner? wearing each other's team jersey'?

Will Bob now cheer for Montreal because his wife is a fan? :wink:

What are his thoughts on the TSN coverage this year?

What are his thoughts on black out games?

Did he get a chance to do any fishing this year? I quite enjoyed his story about fly-fishing! It was a nice change of topic.***

***While were at it...a thought might be given to interviewing the other coaches and management...some players in the off-season to hear what they do and what hobbies they have...just to fill in the off-season. :wink:

What doesn't cause a little stir up in here ?

LoL its called emotional Fans that Care !!!

Good call earl ...

What doesn’t cause a little stir up in here ?

You got that right Mel!

Still waiting for Bobs speech or at least a thank you to the fans, Come on now, its grey cup day and still no words from him! This is the best season he has had being the owner, and as a season ticket holder and regular practice watcher i expected at least a thanks to the fans for the support we gave the team! After all if there where no fans there be no Cats!
Bob you have done a great Job all in all! Have yourself a Merry Christmas to you and your family!