where is bakari grant

i havent heard nothing of him hes on the roster but thats it.Does anyone know

What would you like to know...

He's watching Ticats TV :smiley:

He was practicing with the first team offence today.

Nnice good to hear I hope he has a good year again

Perhaps the team is employing the stealth approach with Bakari. Flying under the radar and set to rip the Arrgh-blows defence when they pay less attention to him.

Stealth approach!!?? I love intrigue. I'll bet he'll wear a green uniform to blend in with the field, or they'll dress him as a trainer. And he'll have a magic decoder ring. And in the huddle they'll identify him with a secret handshake because he'll be using an alias.

Now, if he's tackled or injured, will the OC disallow any knowledge of his actions?

Good luck, Bakari.