Where is austinpowers?

I would still like to hear what he thought about Bishop's 4 ints and Ken Miller's decision making over the past couple weeks of how he can pull Durant or Jyles after a couple of bad mistakes but leave Bishop in when he throws four ints in this game and 3 in Calgary, two in the endzone.

Bishop wins. Miller knows this. Tillman too. Asked him this at practice. Bishop good. Arius Bad. oo-oo-ah-ah-ee-ee.

ting tang walla walla bing bang.


I'm sorry but that was good, mad props.

12 wins 2 seasons in a row. Home playoff game 2 seasons in a row. But keep complaining about Bishop. Keep complaining about Miller.

Where is Austinpowers? Sitting on my couch. Smiling. And laughing at fools who complain about this team. I didnt like Kerry Joseph trade. But Bishop has brought Riders back from behind 3 times. Sure he has had some bad games to. But did any Bishop haters watch the Argos this year. Joseph had some bad games to.

Where is Austinpowers? Getting ready to go to home playoff game this week. Where is Kerry Joseph? Packing to go home. Where are Bishop haters? Miller haters? Trying to think of something to say. Hard to complain when team won 12 games. But some people will.

Which one is Austin? :lol:

But we haven't gotten any better from last year, if anything we have gotten worse. A 6 and 0 start. Bishop comes and goes what 3 and 4? More picks in 3 games this year then Kerry Joseph did the entire season last year?

Be miserable by yourself. Riders win 12. Get home playoff and you are whining in your whiny-whiny pants.

Sorry for picking on you Austin. Nobody is happier than I am right now. I am literally bouncing off the walls I am so excited. Ken Miller overall has done an outstanding job. A better job than his predecessor in my opinion. I think this team is good enough right now to win, even with Bishop. Our defence has been strong all year, but we have been dominant at home. BC looked toothless today. I am confident we can get by them, and then in a one game rubber match with Calgary, anything can happen. Go Riders!!

Arius thank you. Go Riders. Green is the colour.

Ohhhh Austin are you ever going to learn how to write properly? Its really just sad and painful to read the garb that you post.

Do you have a Julian to take care of you?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozu4nbZLkPQ (warning questionable language)

Im not whinning about anything. You keep on talking up Bishop like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and he continues to prove you wrong.

Football is the Game

No matter what happens after next Sat. I am very proud of the Riders this year ...even with the QB carousel & all those injuries to key positions, Tillman did an outstanding job of trying to fill those positions, and Millar can hardly be criticized for the patchwork job in implementing them....12-6 with another home playoff game + another 500K in the kitty and probably the best Canadian talent pool we have ever had.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!

Oh and.....

We’re all together, and winning is our aim

So cheer us on through the sun and rain.
(let's see if we can get through all 3 verses--and then do "On Roughriders")

Austin it is funny you sit back and say things like well give Bishop a chance with our starters. Oh, I didn't like the Joseph trade and beside look at how bad he is played. What you forget to mention the games the Bishop started in Toronto he did very bad.

Look what happened with Joseph over the course of the year, when they brought in help for Talbot and Bruce, Joseph played better. He was on a poor team to start the season and ended up on poor team at the end of the season. Look what happened to Bishop he went from a poor team to a first place team and didn't improve it. In fact they came to within a faked punt of coming in third place.

Yes Miller has done a good job this year. I will agree with Arius even better then Kent Austin. The thing we will never know is how good or how dominate the riders would have or could have been with Kerry Joseph leading them this year. The problem this team has had this year has been at quarterback. Just as any team that goes through injuries, the riders players stepped up when one of the starters went down. That is the very minimum I expect from a professional football player. Step into someone's shoes and win.

But look at the quarterback situation, early it looked like Durant and Jyles could do it....but inexperience caught up to them. But with Bishop there is no excuse that is good enough, he has the experience, he has the players beside him that can win.