Where is Area-51?

As some of you remember, I was getting a lot of grief early in the season from Area-51 for defending the B.C. Lions from very inflammatory comments he made about the team and Jennings - I've posted some of them below. To back up my comments (as I predicted the Lions were going to have a good team this year), I laid it out there that if the Lions (whom he referred to as "bottom feeders") finished higher that the Argos this year, he would donate $100 to the charity of my choice, and if the opposite occurred, I would happily donate $100 to his favourite charity. Win-win.

Well, I've come collecting. :twisted:

I haven't seen him post on here since the Argos collapsed, and he never answered my PM. Anyone know what's up? :wink:

I have noticed that Area 51 likes to take shots and rant. :roll:

When called out , he just ignores people.

Good luck collecting the $100. :lol:

IMO, this site has been running very nice without his " input ". :smiley:

If A-51 is the same poster that I believe he is, he won't welch on the bet, especially one for charity.

I miss A51, actually.

The " bet " sounded more like forum banter.

Serious or not it is not legally binding anyway.

Neither party should lose sleep over it.

Correct me if I am wrong.
Sincere apology if I am.

Where you not one of those calling for him to be banned ?

Anyway, we still have LAST WORD for fun and entertainment. :smiley:

I did but he grew on me. :slight_smile: He is gruff but honest.

I get that.

Early on I had some battles with Johnny.

Now I like and respect him. I really would miss Johnny if he stopped posting.

On those lines, I miss Bungle.
He was controversy , but entertaining.

I like John and miss Bungle as well.

I always backed him on Argo Fans before his all out ban. Then I carried the torch and got my all out ban. haha. Area 51, Bungle who I don't know and folks like myself who call it like they see it always get in crap on boards like this. Not sure how long I'll last on here. So far so ok.

A better answer would be who cares!!!

[i]He was probably banned. Communicate with him through his Facebook page:


He's Ricky Foley's brother Don. He's not too hard to find! Make him pay! :cowboy: [/i]

Aw shucks! Right back at you Brian!

[i]Well Kevin, you have made Johnny like at least one Ticat fan. :smiley: That's quite an accomplishment. Actually, two, with that rascal Bobo :cowboy:

Johnny misses Bungle as well.

Lyle B. Style also seems to be missing.[/i]

Located on Nevada Test Range, 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas.

Who cares where that jerk is, this board is a far better place without him and his ilk

Lyle was posting on the Esks - Cats and Ottawa - Bombers game threads.

Perhaps he was scooped up by an alien spacecraft.

To bad, the little gray guys will not be impressed if they observe him as an earth species sample.

Area 51 was one of the best monster posters I've ever encountered on sports chat site. He singlehandedly blew up riderfans and exposed the site owners for the frauds they were.

I particularly enjoyed his gruff manner and attention to detail. Some great entertainment ensued when simple minded posters with limited football knowledge when off the deep end trying to confront him. He got the simple minds and nervous nellies heads exploding just by posting. Sensational - but his best act was tormenting the entire rider nation into hopeless submission until they did the only thing they seem capable of in Sask'n - banning people! :cowboy:

Well after looking at the past posts it looks like Charuk and Area 51 were getting it on .

My theory is they both were told to stay away at least for awhile .

Area 51 posted drivel and insulted people constantly . This drove Charuk mad and he lost it on him .

They both disappeared shortly after .

To Charuk's defence he was for the most part defensive of the CFL and it's Canadian content . Area 51 had no respect for many of the players or fans and hated the CIS . Not sure why you are a fan of a league that hates a large number of its players especially a guy who is related to a Canadian CFL player .

That is suspect to what your intentions are of posting . When you insult someone you are going personal on an impersonal forum . The topic is generally football it shouldn't go further than that . When you are a family member of someone in the league you would think you would be proud of them and not make him look bad by posting insults
to other areas of the country . JMO .