Where is Anthony Davis ?

Where is Anthony Davis ,because we need a healthy running back and it is obvious that Josh Ranek was hurt and now Corey Homes ankle is sprained .What are we waiting for?Last year Marshall carried a supposedly great running back on our taxi squad and he never gave him the opportunity to dress on our great 5 & 13 team so the player did not want to come back for this year.

Davis should be given the reigns this week. Ranek IMO is a complete bust. Davis was the best RB in camp yet he sets on the Injured reserve. BS if you ask me.

Best coaches in the league don't care about royalty any job is up for crabs and thats what keeps players performing and on their toes. Just look at Buono & Matthews and the changes they make, and nothing but winning teams they coach. Marshall IMO is far too soft. END OF STORY.

davis is injured he had surgery on somthing 2 weeks ago so we wont be back for a wile.

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Does anyone know what his injury is? I was thinking they put him on the IR to stop him from getting picked up. If he is healthy they should bring him up, and let Ranek heal.

The lack of a running game in the second half didn't help our offence. Although the hitch pattern appeared to be a good substitute. NOT!

The Cats released a player today i`m told because of trouble at a bar ??? It wouldnt be Davis would it ?? i hope not !!!!

Fatahefi (sp?) was released