Where is all the smack??

Ok the site has been up a couple days, I think the grace period for being nice is over.

The Riders are gonna kick everyone's ass this year.
Calgary will still suck
Edmonton will get worse
Winnepeg will stay their crappy selves
BC won't be able to use timekeepers to win games (haha that should bring some stuff up)
Montreal will keep stealing singles, The Don will get what he deserves, a losing season
Ottawa...can't rally say anything you just have to look at them
Hamilton may have turned it around from 1-17 but here is hoping they take a u-turn
Toronto will not repeat, they will lose to whichever West team crosses over. Allen will not be the starter by mid season.

Burris will flop
Carl Kidd is gonna get run over by domiguez again and again nad again
Wade Millar will finaly get the title he deserves, the cheapest player around
Avery will flop again

thats all for now

i'd like to quote you on that at the end of the yea, when the riders make the playoffs, but then lose. but stupid rider fans will call it there est year since 1989, and blame it on one person.

as for edmonton, well we cant win every year, but we'll make the playoffs every year, and i'll bet we'll win another grey cup or two before the riders do.

ahh......glad to talk smack again.

Are you getting your excuses ready already?
Montreal is goning to kick your butt because your team is not smart enought to come up with better signals


I agree. :smiley:

Get ready to see the als win the grey cup boys and girls. And theres nothing you can do about it but watch your teams ger executed one by one by the evil birds. :wink:

hey..thats kinda like what i heard was gonna happen the last two seasons. and did you realize that when the als stealing signals became a big issue, that they started losing?

stealing signals should not be an issue if you get took then you deserved it. but the riders will always pull out the book of excuses any time they do not win

The Als have a chance as long as Calvillo doesn’t go down in injuries again, or it’s going to be another trip to the grey cup for T.O. I still think 2005 champs are going to be the Leos Printers will win the top quarterback position and win it all. Last, it’s nice to finally see the Lions go back to the traditional orange jersey if anything reebok has done in changes I like that decision the most.

The Leos and Argos will meet again on our turf for the Grey Cup. The Riders will come to BC again for the Western Final, but this time McCallum will be sharp on every field goal from within 15 yards away. The game will be tied with only 5 seconds left however and McCallum will have to hit a long one from 22 yards and fail. This will guarantee him free manure for his front lawn.

just like how printers won it for the leos last year? ya....i forgot, he screwed it up for them, and then dickenson came in and almost won it for the leos. as ofr the Als, they do have troubles at the end of the year, but whats the point of having a good season if you cant perform in november?

This year will be different for the Als you’ll see. Im predicting a 17-1 regular season and a grey cup! The Als will break the CFL record for most touch-downs scored.

haha. figured i would get some talk going.

as for me making excuses for montreal beating us, If there is one thing that is true its that the Riders vs Als is always a very hard fought close game. well except when we kicked your ass last year. But I enjoy watching the games against Montreal almost more than any other team because the Riders always seem to play hard. And prior to last year the Als were definetly the better team yet the Riders always came close. I don't care if you guys steal signals, I just hate Don Mathews. The guy came in here. did absolutely nothing and left. Ray Jauch did a better job than Mathews here.

And Eskimos32001 good work on flooding the boards, double the posts of everyone else. Trust me the Esks will not do a whole lot this year, they will be competitive, but will not be close to winning the cup

what are you talking about Bily_Soup? doubling posts? does someone else share my opinions?

billy whats in the soup a book of excuses, if ain't steeling signals it the clock what will the excuse be this year when the riders crash and burn

PS do they hand out the book of excuses with a riders season ticket

How did Printers screw it up for the Lions? He got hurt and had to sit out. I wouldn’t consider an injury a reason for screwing up the team.

oops wrong quote I meant my comment for this one sorry CFLFORLIFE

i don't think anyone screwed BC
did you see pin ball pumping up his players as they came out the shoot "when i seen the Argos coming out I could tell who was going to win the game "
so if you want to blame anyone it would be buono but I wouldnt

So whats going to happen this season according to you Billy is that every team in the league besides the Riders are going to do bad. Do your fellow Riders condone that brilliancy of yours?

calgaryred. I didn't say Printers screwed up? Eskimos32001 did.

calgaryred. I didn't say Printers screwed up? Eskimos32001 did. :?: