Where is 1991 Argo?

Like the Littlest Hobo you came into our lives and opened them to the incompetence of David Braley and Chris Rudge. People argued your wisdom and even ridiculed you only for you to be proven right. With less then 5000 season tickets ,and games with less then 10000 people entering Skydome a reality for the 2014 season you now are in a majority opinion on this site that Dave Braley is a Cheapskate and that Chris Rudge has Numb Nuts. Now that everyone agrees with you and you have showed us the light you now like The Littlest Hobo have gone on to your next fan forum to inform more people of an unpopular fact. Please Argo91.. come back and claim your crown as supreme poster and give us your next piece of wisdom... Somehow I doubt you will, and you will remain forever in the shadows watching the demise of Chris Rudge and David Braley with a grin on your face. Maybe.. just maybe the Argos will survive.

Just be happy the troll is gone!!!! (crossing fingers) Now instead of seeing every thread get derailed to anti Brailey and Rudge, we can get back to threads complaining about TSN not doing enough coverage, poor attendance, and 500 threads about expansion for starters.

What's the matter Bungle?
Nervous that you are now the #1 detested poster on this forum?
Need another loathed poster to take some attention away from you? :lol:

I thought it was you...

I emailed him but he has not replied. Hope he is well.

On a serious note... He did not seem to mentally stable... Maybe he is not well now... Like everything he said has come prophetically true... You think he would at least come here to rub our noses in it