Where in Canada Should the CFL expand to?

Since Ottawa can't get their act together and we won't see a stadium in Halifax anytime soon I think we should look elsewhere. A Stadium of only 28,000 seats would made a franchise viable. Check out this poll.

London, Ontario.

Not sure where exactly, but I wouldn't mind seeing another Eastern city. We've already got 5 Western cities.


I actually think London can support a CFL team. After having lived there for four years, I think if they marketed properly to the university/college type crowd it could do very well. Sell discounted tickets at Western and Fanshawe and you will see minimum 20,000 per game.


CFL needs to focus on renovating current stadiums, try to get the lions to play in an open air stadium since B.C. has a warm climate, change the turf in edmonton, scrap ivor wynne and fix it up or build a new one,
get the argos outta the dome into a new one.

I wouldn't rule out expansion, but I would to most of the cities listed in the poll.

I picked Quebec city, as I thought it was the best of the poor destinations listed.

I think Halifax or Moncton will be looked at as the most realistic destinations after the CFL makes a successful return to Ottawa ( assuming that happens ).


You missed London, Ontario... how can you put "Grande Prarie" and not London!?!

Good grief.. cant these expansion threads wait until AFTER the season is over and done with? I refuse to vote on the grounds that this thread should have never been started in the first place!

Anyplace that can build a 25,000 seat good stadium and that would have an excellent committed, well healed owner. Whether that be some place in the Artic or wherever. :wink:

Sadly Earl that is true.
Amazing that nobody anywhere in this country can scrape together a few bucks to build a bloody stadium.

We had a chance here in London during the Canada games, but instead Mayor Desico and the bunch went on the cheap and built that spartan 12,000 seat dump at Western that appears to be held together by piano wire and duct tape!

If anboyd had any foresight in this city, they would have added eight thousand more seats, with the ability to expand the thing to 25-30 thousand for a potential CfL franchise.

Instead what'd they do. Spend a few million to fix up Labatts Park for baseball? Trouble is there's no more baseball team, because they've all folded. So its being used mainly by beer leagues and little kids.

Little kids playing in a 8,000 seat baseball stadium. Brilliant use of taxpayer money, eh?

Too friggin funny berezin, "piano wire and duct tape", love it!
But, as you might know, I'm from London and yes, a shame what could have been. I can understand to an extent cities wanting to spend on baseball since there are so many home games but other than a few spots like Winnipeg and maybe Vancouver, I don't think there are any AAA or AA teams left in Canada, the baseball thing never really worked out. Look at Ottawa, they spent millions on that Lynx Stadium and the AAA team is leaving I hear after this year.

Why don't cities get it that other than the Blue Jays and going to MLB games in the US, baseball isn't that big in Canada. Spend money on the CFL and you can get a Grey Cup every few years and your city gets on TV therefore more exposure for tourism and such. I don't get it.

I just emailed Mayor Desico with my opinion.
I'll let you know if she responds, and what she says.

And about Labatts Park.
Outside of the people in the media like Morris Delacost and Dave Langford, London has never been a baseball town.

We've lost three pro teams in the last 10 years because nobody showed up. The London Major intercounty team plays to 100 fans if they're lucky.

The problem is we have people running the city who know squat about sports. But they see how big baseball is in the US, so they think it applies up here as well.

I mean Labatts Park is a beautiful stadium, but its never used. That money should have went into a decent football stadium. But thats London for you.


Same for me

Grand Prairie? What the Hell?

It has just over 50,000 people. They would need the City to shut down completely on Game day and have OVER half the population show up consistentlyover a 20 week period throughout the summer. Good Luck Grand Prairie?

Fort McMurray has only 64,400 people. They would also need a vast portion of their population to show up.

Saskatoon has a team already called the SASKATCHEWAN Rooughriders.

Red Deer could call their team the White Tailed Red Deers but that wouldn't fly so they are out.

I vote Quebec.

Wheres the none of the above box?

Other than Ottawa, Halifax and Quebec City are a slim maybe.

The rest of the choices are a result of smoking too much BC Bud, and drinking too much Turkey hootch!

I didnt vote. I said nowhere! lol

But seriously, I also hate these threads...