Where/how to play Bruce?

Here's the dillema: AB3 is a slotback. We have two very good slotbacks already in Davis and Stala. I wouldn't consider sitting either of them (especially because of Stala's passport). I would consider moving Stala to WS WR, and having AB3 play SB. Here's the rub - what side do you play him on?

Stala Davis Bruce III Rodriguez

Do you play him on the same side as P-Rod, or opposite him? Bringing in Currie or McDaniel as a 5th receiver would allow Stala to come back inside. Hopefully AB3 can draw some of the heat off P-Rod...

Ideally you want Stala coming in to replace the NI FB.

So in a 5 receiver set. P-Rod short side, Stala, ABIII, Davis inside and Currie wideside.

Sounds right to me. You want Bruce as the closest slot on Prechae's side (short side) to put the heat on the safety and to provide the quickest slant/crossing route target underneath. Moving him around is a luxury one has with a experienced talent like him, but that is the slot from which he can do the most damage.

Oski Wee Wee,

as i mention in other topics i dont full y understand the i vs ni ratio rules but i think bruce would be best opposite of p. rod I think it will help open up the running game even more....I think we are clearly a running team (skill wise) yet we dont utilize the run nearly enough considering its effectiveness

we're trying to get the passing game down that's why. We've been a run-first team the past couple years, now they wanna bring it to 60/40 because this IS a passing league.

He's also listed on the depth chart as the KR and PR, a great improvement on specialty teams.

I would use him on the opposite side as Prechae.

If you play them on the same side, the safety is going to shade more to that side.

If you play them on opposite sides, you force the safety to choose what side he is going to shade too.

Although, no matter where you play them, you now got 2 serious threats to catch a ball and run to the endzone.

wildcat formation, bruce takes the snap, fakes a handoff to cobb, and bruce squeezes up the gut for an easy touchdown, all day baby!

With the emergence of Chris Davis this season, I don't think it matters which side you put Bruce on. If you put him with Rodriguez and the safety cheats you leave Davis in single coverage. Do the opposite and you have Rodriguez and Bruce in single coverage. That's why this move is so crucial to the offense.

I believe there was a song by The Who that sums it up best


Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere* :wink:

Oski Wee Pete,

Ah yes....I stand corrected.....well sit actually.....good call Russ.


I had the notion to windmill air guitar reading that at first. High school confidential! LOL :smiley: