Where Have You Seen CFL Advertising???

Where Have You Seen CFL Advertising???

CFL Tickets advertising on Big Brother - at least they are aiming at their key demo.

on tsn

Not generic CFL but rather team specific advertising. I noticed these riding into work last week.



2 Toronto Argos Cheerleaders on the Amazing Race Canada.

I have long been a supporter of pushing the CFL on Big Brother Canada and Amazing Race Canada. This is a first step.

It is a good idea . Amazing Race across the country is a plus .

Nice to see now if they can do what Rogers does and have Bell show families and groups going to CFL games across the entire country versus one city Toronto .

Rogers has a great way of co products endorsing the Jays with little effort .

These hidden gems keep the Jays in the mind like product placements in tv shows and movies .

It works .

When you have an entire country to use for a backdrop including Toronto use it.