Where have our 3rd jerseys been?

I really love the third jerseys that teams have been sporting. The Stamps helmets with a matte black finish fading to shiny red with a chrome decal looks super sharp. Even the large double E gives the Eskimos a different look in big games. The Larks and Lions third option is also great. So whatever happened to our third jerseys? I know Adidas took over the jersey development but surely we have the option for a third. I miss the grey and gold with the third helmet design. Would love to see it back next year in its current form or with a fresh design especially for big games like Labour Day.

BTW... I noticed that the crossed pistols were removed from the Stamps third jersey on the shoulders. Is this a change due to the Las Vegas and south Texas mass shootings?

Anybody else want to see a third jersey back or do you not miss it?

Never was a fan of the grey third jersey. Now if they came up with a third jersey using the team's primary colours, I could maybe go for that.

Here's the story on when & why the crossed pistols were pulled from the Calgary 3rds:

I don't think the club ever said they were gone for good, but my guess would be that they are.

Thanks for the information ottawacat.

I would love to see a bold third jersey return to the team. Not necessarily these but something that is really different.




After last season I asked about them and was told by the team they were retired.
Too bad because they were great.

Thanks Crash.

I don't understand that...

Better for marketing and merchandise sales. Also a different look for big games. I remember back in 2015 when our guys wore them at home and we were crushing opponents at T.H.F.

Strange decision! I bet the players liked them too.

While the article does a good job of laying out why the pistols were removed, it is misleading when it says "The patch featuring a pair of crossed pistols was added in 2014." This implies that the pistols themselves were only a recent addition, when in reality the pistols first appeared on Calgary's original "3rd jersey" in 1994. Maybe they weren't part of a "patch" in 1994, but the pistols appeared on the original Calgary 3rd Jersey

I was told by one of the women at the TiCat store, that the TiCats didn't own the rights to the 3rd jersey, but Reebok did. Once Adidas became the new provider for the jerseys, the 3rd jersey went away. I loved it, so I made sure I picked one up and so did my buddy.

I have one too, bought one because I figured it would be gone the soonest. I loved seeing them in the 2015 season when the Cats were crushing everyone.
While I like that teams keep the same looks for years, I think the third option is great for coming up with cool new designs, and they should keep doing that.

The Lions currently don't have a third jersey. They don't wear the gunmetal grey ones anymore with the matte black helmets and you can't buy them either. Pity as they were one of the league's best.

I definitely was a fan on the greyed out jerseys. Never cared for the the all-yellow look.
I'm sure some variation can be brought back.

Speaking of....why is ti-cat merchandise so expensive? They have some decent looking shirts and sweaters in the store, but I've refrained from buying anything due to the high cost. You'd think you were at some designer store with some of the prices!

My guess is the limited number that are produced. I'm sure if the manufacturer made a much larger number of them, the cost would come down somewhat.

Can't say I was ever a fan of the 3rd jersey...I would love to see the Tiger-Cats have a Hamilton Flying Wildcat uniform as a 3rd uniform...But this time, can we have it with the blue stripes on the shoulders? ? ?

I mean, we are called the Hamilton Tiger-CATS....

As far as I knew, Reebok had the rights to the 3rd jersey's and it got lost in the wash when Adidas took over. I think only the Als were exempt because they used the military logo and they branch of the military had the rights.

Anyways, I'd like to see them for the 150th anniversary use these Hamilton Tigers retros.

I also sincerely hope they don't screw up the logo and use the Hamilton Tigers NHL Hockey team logo in error (like they did on the Hall of Fame plaque that's under the West Side stands of THF, or the 100th Grey Cup site did).

These are innaccurate and are from the 1920s hockey team

This is not

Even in relatively small quantities, most clothing items are extremely inexpensive to produce. The inflated prices have almost nothing to do with manufacturing costs.

LOVED the third jersey, it's my go-to gameday jersey now...

Even moreso it popped like crazy against TO when they had their third jerseys on (the baby blue look w the giant A on the front)

but lets be honest, it didn't really look like a ticat jersey.

(never should have stepped away from the throwback jerseys from i think four years ago)

while we're at it... the Eskies helmets look dumb with the bigger E's