Where have all the Good Offensive Linemen gone?

Ever wonder why certain teams (like Ottawa) can't seem to get their hands on really talented O-Linemen, be they Canadian (preferred, or Yanks)? It never used to be like this in the CFL. They used to be a dime a dozen.

They're all in Montreal, Saskatchewan and Hamilton. That's why you guys from elsewhere will see your QBs get slammed all summer long. Enjoy the season!

No, but really T&T, in the old, er, old days there used to be O-linemen parity across the League.

The way I see it, you need to have at least an above average guy at each position on the line to feel you have a reliable line. If there's only one weak guy, your QB ends up with way more pressure.

They're all in Montreal. I put our O-line against any other in the league. It's the best. Chiu, Flory, Fritz, Okeke and Lambert -- league's top O-line.

But Ottawa is on crack. Why haven't they coaxed Neal Fort out of retirement if they're hurting that bad for O-linemen? He's a bit old but he's still a former all-star. However, this is the same team that let Gauthier, their lineman of the future, sign elsewhere. Just a mess of bad management and bad personnel decisions.

I don't dispute that Montreal's is very good. but I think The Riders is a touch better. Makowsky, Greene, Chilldress all former linemen of the year, O-day and Thomas (who is the wekest of the line but the Jets still took a look at him)

As for supersmiths point, I think the linemen are out there, I think it comes down to systems and recruiting, so coaching and GM

One more thing. Isn’t possible that “the old days” Supersmith refered to were when the salaries in the CFL were competitive with that of the NFL (which caused the extinction of the first Alouettes, btw)? If that’s so, it might explains why there were more great linemen available to our league then.

.......soupman, you've been in the bush for too long........the Big Chill was released a couple of weeks ago...........

........here's a reason why too..........while obesity has taken a huge upswing in North American demographics, athletic-obesity hasn't.......I bet it is getting harder to actually find talent at the grassroots level.......

They're all in Sask. Hope the rest of you like your QB's getting smoked all year.

r@w the big chill played against Winnipeg

BZZZZ! Wrong, the Big Chill is still around and played in the Wpg game.....

........geez, you're right, I last read he was released, my bad.......

I see your tongue in cheek, Turd and raise you..

But honestly, egos aside, I think the Esks are in trouble with the o-line..Lefsrud gone for at least aweek...good thing i'ts early...

Yeah we could be. Tons of potential, but cannot afford injuries and have already had Carson, Morris and now Lefsrud nicked. The young guys will be baptized under fire next week in Montreal. At least the schedule maker gave us a break by slotting us against Winnepeg twice more in the next three games.

Doesn't matter how long I been in the bush. I have a telepathinc link with the Riders, I know all that is happening with them. (Insert ESPN joke here)

On paper, the Lions, I think have a decent O-line with Reid, Bates, Mantyka, Moore, Elowonibi and Singh but the guys haven't seem to gel yet as a unit. Last season, Mantyka and Singh were hurt and this season, Moore is hurt so hopefully they can all get healthy for this season.

The CFL isn't really know for good lineman, The NFL gets the big guys who can hold the defence back.

However, in the CFL, they is still a great balance of running, passing, and QB imporvising debite the short comings of linemen.

Personally, I think we need an o-lineman test-tube breeding program.