Where have all the Division logos gone?

I noticed that the division logos are gone from this site and the backs of the players helmets! :shock:

What’s happened!

if they are gone, I’m glad cuz I think the West one (as most of you know now) sucked!!! but I loved the East one. So much for my “Green” West logo idea.

The Division trademarks live! Yes, they are off the helmets but only to make room for the Canadian flag. We are considering adjustments to the marks but that is sometime off.

The healthy battle between East and West is a big part of this League. Long live the rivalries!

Brent Scrimshaw
CFL Marketing

P.S. - Click on standings. Logos are there

Where? I go under “The Game” and then “Standings” and it shows the 2005 Standings allong with the other years but no logos!

I’m all for the West/East rivaily, but don’t like the logos. The Canadain Flag is ALOT better!!! and it and the CFL logo are just fine!

There has been an East West rivalry since I can remember and something Canadians look forward to at Grey Cup time.

KK was it you that just didn’t like the colour of the West’s logo?